Dell Latitude Z the laptop with wireless charging

Dell Latitude Z can be charged wirelessly. Wireless charging was a dream for the ones who don’t like wires and now it is possible to have your laptop charged just by using the wireless technology.


According to Michael Keithley (Creative Artists Agency CIO): "The Dell Latitude Z laptop combines a thin, lightweight design with full-featured functionality With a two solid-state drive option, a built-in camera, microphone array, and a large, gorgeous screen, it has pretty much everything you could want from an all-in-one mobile laptop."

Dell Latitude Z Features:

  • wireless charging
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • large screen – high-definition (1600×900) WLED display
  • lightweight design
  • 2 MP built-in camera
  • supports WLAN, Bluetooth and optional 3G WWAN mobile broadband.


Here are the not so good news: Dell Latitude Z will have a price tag of $2000.

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