Create Intricate Artwork With A Touch Of A Button

Art based apps are extremely popular on mobile devices. Whether we are naturally artistically talented or not art based apps enable us to express ourselves using a technology we are familiar with.

Naturally artistic and creative people enjoy using these apps as it allows them to demonstrate their talent and skill on a modern medium that a new generation of art lovers can relate to; however, part of the popularity of these apps is their ease of use, making it incredibly easy for anyone to get creative. Parents also love these art based apps as they enable their children to have fun with art without the mess! Finally, older people can enjoy these apps as it helps to keep their mind stimulated.

Silk – The Interactive Artistic App

Create Intricate Artwork With A Touch Of A Button 5

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Silk is just one of the many interactive art apps that are available to download. The great thing about Silk is that it can be downloaded as an iPhone or iPad app, or, for non Apple users, you can instead use the in browser option instead.

Silk is a very easy app to use, and users will be blown away by its incredible use of color to create some superb images.

The art that can be produced using Silk is simply breathtaking, and it’s not surprising to see that the Silk Facebook page already has more than 160k fans, and that number continues to grow.

Create Intricate Artwork With A Touch Of A Button 6


Apps like Silk are fantastic for creating a range of beautiful images, such as symmetries like this example.

As you can see, the symmetry utilizes a variety of colors and shapes to create a highly intricate and interesting piece of artwork.

It’s easy to think that this type of app is only good for creating symmetrical or amateur pieces; however, this application has already been used by some artists to create some magnificent individual pieces such as ‘The Mage’. The application has also been used to create a captain of a ship, a Christmas tree, a sword, a rose and many other images.

How to Use Silk and Other Image Creation Apps

The great thing about Silk and other image creation apps is that they are so easy to use. The design interface is specifically created to be simplistic and intuitive, presenting the user with a fantastic canvas with limitless opportunities.

The majority of these apps simply require either touchscreen technology or a mouse pad. Once you have touched or clicked the screen simply move your mouse around to create your very own piece of digital artwork.

Most image creation and editing apps come with a variety of options, and again these are easy to use. The great thing about these apps is that you experiment with a variety of different settings and techniques, and you can spend as long or as little as you like creating images, and it won’t cost you a penny (other than the price of the app itself). There’s no mess to clean up and no preparation involved; simply open the app and get creative! 

This is a guest post by Alexandra Seremina who works with Azoft ( a mobile development company.

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