ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera

There a lot of men and women that are very adventurous and they’d like to record their adventures but they never seem to have a free hand. The ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera is the best option for individuals want to record their adventures when they do not have a free hand for a camcorder. The point that you can record with a push of a button and you can also capture videos with wide-angle makes this a good video recorder. Not only will they have easy-to-use software, but with their online social community, you’re supplied with a seamless experience to post, play and find new adventures.

ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera
ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera

One more thing that and lot of folks like relating to this unit is that you can record in 1080p, which is real high definition. You have to already recognize that this is going to offer you unbelievable quality for your videos. You are able to get the best shot for your activity, because the camera has several different settings, along with 3 resolutions as well as 2 frame rates. It is the littlest and lightest of the hands-free video at only 5.2 ounces, making it easy to use. You can obtain the perfect shot, mainly because it can be lined up with a rotating lens and two lasers. To be able to start recording you just need to slide the recording switch forward which makes it easy to do even with gloves.

You are also going to find that this is water resistant and has an aluminum body which makes it very durable. No matter what type of outdoor activity you wish to record your going to find that you’ll be able to do it with this camera simply because weather will not be a problem. Even if you wish to take underwater photographs you can, as long as you utilize the waterproof case and do not go down more than 10 meters. They’ve actually thought of everything with regards to keeping this unit as light as possible which includes the SD card that they use to store the videos. When in Full HD 1080p mode, if it is expanded up to 32 GB, it will record, on one card, more than 8 hours of HD content.

Editing and adding titles to your videos is also something that is easy to do right from your computer with the software that they provide to you. On account of the versatility which comes with this unit you will discover that capturing the best images is simple. Not only are you going to be able to attach this to your helmet for when you are using any kind of motorized vehicle you’re additionally going to discover that includes a mount so you are able to add it to your car. One more thing a lot of the men and women enjoy about this unit is that they have their very own community which allows men and women to share their adventure videos and get ideas for new adventures.


The ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera may be the best camera for reliving your adventures. If you’re still unsure on whether you think this would be a good product for you you might want to head on over to Amazon and read a couple of the reviews that men and women have written as this might help you to decide.

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