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Some years ago when we heard about Chinese products, technique, mobile phones, etcetera it was associated with bad quality or with fake products or bad done copies. But time have past and everything changes. Now days there are a lot of modern, strong Chinese companies which are working to create modern, high quality products. One of them is Xiaomi Tech. This is very powerful and strong company. It was created in 2010 by Lei Jun. Also he has eight partners. Despite the fact that this company is young, now it is one of the strongest in the China and have good perspective in the world. Mobile phones and gadgets of Xiaomi brand you can watch here.

Xiaomi brand is known in the world by creation of MIUIV OS and the latest version of it now is MIUIV5. This novelty is a firmware for smartphones based on open-source Android operating system. It is heavily modified interface. Interesting is that this system. The interesting fact is that creators take the best parts of Google’s Android and has visual comparisons with Apple’s iOS and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. You could not find a lot of interesting sides of this firmware for smartphones in androids firmware. A lot of comfortable functions are available in MIUIV5. For example strong virus scan which can mace yours smartphone save from virus. Also available extra cloud service to synchronies yours contacts and massages. Xiaomi brand firmware MIUIV5 gives much more space for customization. Wits this unusual firmware you could create your own interface which will be most comfortable for you. You can configure all under yourself. It is very good idea because in other systems you can only choose one and here create your own.

Phones with this firmware by Xiaomi brand named MIUIV5 are very popular but it is hard to find place where you can buy them. You can order Xiaomi MI3 and Redmi Note on

Xiaomi MI3 it is new phone with hot design by Xiaomi brand.


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It is 8 mm in thickness. It is have 2 cameras 2 and 13 megapixels and universal design. One of the greeters parts are battery it can work for a really long time. This Xiaomi device has 5 inches, and high-quality screen, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Which gives to you opportunity to enjoy wonderful picture as at photos as at video. Random access memory of this phone is 2 gb what is very good for modern phone.

The other device of Xiaomi brand with MIUIV5 is Redmi Note.


This wonderful device was released in 2014 and already has positive reviews from critics. It is also has wonderful battery as a Xiaomi MI3 but it is not so narrow, it is 9.5 millimeters. It has a big size of random access memory 2Gb. This Xiaomi device has 5.5 inches high quality screen, with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Also it has two cameras for 5 and 13 megapixels.

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Xiaomi MI3 video

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