Childproof Your Cellphone For Passive Protection

If you’re the kind of parent who thoroughly investigates potential dangers to the health of your kids, you’ve most probably heard that a lot of researchers and scientists think cellphones might be dangerous to young kids. The culprit, they say, is the electromagnetic radiation that the cellphone emits. They cite several studies which, although inconclusive and sometimes hotly contested, seem to offer at least circumstantial evidence that too much cellphone exposure can cause brain tumors, dementia, Alzheimers, sleep disorders, and several other health problems.


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Many safety conscious consumers think it’s better to be safe than sorry and they’re looking for measures they can take today to protect themselves from these potential problems just in case the claims prove true.

These precautionary remedies take several forms:

First is to simply not allow young kids to use a cellphone. Yes, there is a lot of social pressure for them to have one but with kids’ test scores going deeper into the basement every year it’s evident that they are spending too much time on Facebook and cellphone texting than on their homework and studies.

Second, if they must be allowed to have a cellphone, perhaps it might be just on the weekend.

Third, if and when they use a cellphone, parents should encourage them to use the speakerphone feature. This will allow them to keep the cellphone at the proper distance which even the manufacturers recommend. Even the manufacturers know that there is a potential danger from electromagnetic radiation.

The fourth and probably best alternative is to take advantage of the almost miraculous new technology which effectively ends any potential danger from this problem. This solution employs the ability of high-tech microprocessors to effectively neutralize and dissipate the cellphone’s harmful electromagnetic radiation and render them harmless.

One such company which offers this beneficial new technology to the public is Aires Shield, located in Canada. Their primary cellphone product, Aires Defender, is simple in concept but remarkably effective. It consists of one of these high-tech microprocessors, specifically designed to shield and dissipate these dangerous cellphone radiation frequencies and thus protect the user from the potential danger.

Aires Defender can be purchased online. It doesn’t look nearly as sophisticated as it really is. The processor is very unique and the multi-layered film that encases it took many years to develop. The film is designed to adhere to the back of the cellphone and from that point on it acts to shield the user from potential harm.

Until the cellphone radiation issue is finally resolved it only makes sense to be safe, right?

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