What is a Satellite Phone?

Today’s on-the-go consumers enjoy the convenience and efficiency offered by wireless phones. But before you splurge on a high-end wireless cell phone, consider instead the benefits of a satellite phone. As their name suggests, satellite phones require actual satellites (a network of them, actually) in order to send and receive …

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Gadgets to help start your own website

Gadgets to help start your own website 1

Starting your own website can be an overwhelming task. After all, there are so many tools out there to help you create the website of your dreams. Whether you want to create a blog, a business site or just a fun place to post your photos and personal items, your …

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Mobile app or mobile web?

Mobile app or mobile web? 3

Face it. If your business doesn’t have some sort of mobile presence, you’re behind. People are spending more and more time browsing the Internet via mobile devices, so it’s imperative that your company moves to accommodate a mobile clientele. But which one should your business invest in? Mobile app or …

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Five Awesome Apps that Science Geeks Will Love

The advancement of technology throughout the last few decades has led to some extremely exciting scientific discoveries, but it also allowed us to have access to scientific information from any location. If you have a tablet or smartphone, then you will be able to take your entire science world with …

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