iPhone 5: Catalogue of Complaints irks Apple Crazies

iPhone 5: Catalogue of Complaints irks Apple Crazies 1

The most anticipated phone of the year has arrived in the market midst high expectations and hullabaloo. Apple fanatics dreaming about the new iPhone model since the announcement – to hold the sleek and thin phone in their hands – have made plans to be proud owners of this mobile. …

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Virtual Retinal Displays – where they could be deployed

The tech world went crazy when Google recently announced its research on ‘Google Glass’ – a spectacles-esque array of electronics that claims to provide many of the features commonly found in mobile devices directly to your eye, by use of a VRD. But that’s by far and away not the …

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The Mobile Market in 2012

The Mobile Market in 2012 3

Everyday we watch reports about what’s new in the technology market, and each day we get to know about the latest innovations. You ask someone what’s trending right now? The answer you get is, ‘It’s the mobile phones!’ The general public has appreciated how mobile phones have gone from making …

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Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger is one kind of a vehicle which sounds to be more popular to many people in the world. Its high speed and power, makes it to be the most preferred by beings. It only functions when well fitted with important components or accessories. Additionally, these Rangers play important …

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