The latest boy gadget: Tomy i-SOBOT

Tomy i-SOBOT is the newest gadgets for boys. You can chose how you want to control the robot: with the remote or with voice commands. Tomy i-SOBOT modes * Remote Control Mode. Use the joystick and press various combinations of the buttons to make i-SOBOT perform various actions such as wishing you a good morning, or performing some punching movements! * Programme mode. In program mode you can ask i-SOBOT to perform[...]

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A small, portable and smart laptop: Atom N270

Acer Aspire One Netbook Atom N270 is small portable and is cheap. Atom N270 has: 1.6GHz 512MB RAM 8GB Solid State HDD Linux Operating System Acer Atom N270 is very fast because of a feature called smart start. From the moment you switch it on, the Aspire one is ready …

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Interactive Light And Sound Chess

If you like chess you’ will love this gadget. It is called Interactive Light And Sound Chess and it is great for beginners with 20 of the 64 playing levels being aimed towards the novice. This gadget can be a very good gift for a kid. Features: Multiple functions which …

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