Canon PowerShot SX230HS

While many men and women have already purchased a digital camera there are plenty of more men and women that are still looking to get their first. Like so many men and women they will not take the first step into the digital world and insist on remaining with their 35 MM, for some this is mainly because of the price. While some digital cameras will wind up selling for over $600 you do not need to spend that much to get started in the digital world. This one of the primary reasons we have decided to take a look at the Canon PowerShot SX230HS.

Canon PowerShot SX230HS
Canon PowerShot SX230HS

For individuals who have not yet entered the digital world I should point out that the higher the mega pixel rate on a camera, the better images you will be able to capture. I am certain you have seen inexpensive cameras which come with two or maybe even for mega pixels, nevertheless, for the best quality you should make sure your camera has at least 10 mega pixels incorporated. This digital camera is included with 12.1 mega pixels which enables you to get amazing photos. If you have ever used the lower quality digital cameras you may have still noticed that you receive grainy images, but with this camera that’s not a concern.

Another great thing about this camera is that it can’t just take still pictures. You may be surprised to figure out that you can actually take high definition videos with this camera. For individuals do not understand what this means it’s like watching a movie from the forties which is all grainy and comparing it to a new movie that is just been introduced. And because you can record high definition you will realize that the quality is just as good as a standalone camcorder. This in addition has an anti shake feature which will help to make certain your videos are sharp and not jumpy.

One more thing that you will probably like is the lens that comes with this camera. This camera is included with a 14 times optical zoom lens which lets you get extreme closeups when needed. Another feature that you will get with this camera is really a wide angle lens which is great for taking photos of large groups.

Another thing that’s incredibly unique concerning this camera is you are able to shoot black and white photography. There loads of men and women who still like black and white much better than the recent colored photographs. This is not the only feature which comes with this camera for effects, as there are other effects which will help you improve your photos.


Yet another thing I should mention relating to this camera is that you can in fact pick it up for less than $200 on Amazon. This is more than $100 off the suggested retail price of this device, of course, if you do decide to buy this from Amazon they are going to also wind up shipping this to your house for free.

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