Budget-Friendly Home Technologies for the Modern Homeowner

Technology today is becoming more budget-friendly and is available for more modern for homeowners to enjoy. The benefits translate into savings on the electric and water bills and the affordable factor kicks into high gear for each one reviewed starts as low as $10. The most expensive item has rebate incentives that literally pay for the product for you. Here are seven 21st century gadgets that will make your home cutting edge.

Water Heater

Budget-Friendly Home Technologies for the Modern Homeowner 1

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Solar water heaters are the latest addition to this regular home appliance. They heat water and store power generated during the day for up to 120 gallons of water. Most homeowners think solar technology would be expensive. However, with the rebates from several levels of government including the local, state, and federal, they practically cover their own cost. In addition, the money saved for heating hot water will reap real savings on utility bills.

Water Pebble

Budget-Friendly Home Technologies for the Modern Homeowner 2

If you want to save water and money, this little ingenious device will do the trick. It costs only around $10 and is simple to use. The steps include turning it on, placing the pebble at the foot of the shower, and watching for the green, yellow, and red lights. The premise is when the light indicator turns the color red your shower should be complete. Save time on showering and more money on your water bill with this simple help.

Light Sensors

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This is another nifty product that cost from $10 to $20 and can save you hundreds of dollars on the electric bill annually. They are simple to use, making them a must buy for any homeowner trying to conserve energy. Plug them in an outlet followed by plugging the lamp into the sensor. Once, someone enters and leaves, lights are turned on or off. These work best for rooms that have minimal traffic, and are often left with light still on.

Window Treatments

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Motorized shades, blinds, and shutters are the latest affordable technology that will make life easy. There are a variety of remote controls that are available for each type of window treatment. To add even more convenience automated security systems can be programmed to include them. With this option, the settings for the shades along with the lights and thermostat can be timed to turn on and off once the key locks any door. In the case of the window treatment, they will open and close to the homeowner’s preference. Even if you can’t afford automatic shades, places like Sunburst offer blinds and faux plantation shutters made with GreenView which provides thermal protection and the most energy efficiency of any shutter on the market.


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There is actually a thermostat that can think and make adjustments to the temperature of your home. This smart appliance is called the Nest, and monitors all household activities. It regulates the temperature when you are away from the home by ‘learning’ with its innovative sensors. It is similar to the motion detector technology. However, you still have the flexibility to control it from a Smartphone. This little gadget will cost about $200, but the investment will be recouped with lower electric bills.

Light Bulbs

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Light bulbs are not what they use to be. There is a new Boost LED version that generates as much as a 100 watt bulb while drawing 40 watts of power. The obvious cost efficiency has two 21st century bonuses built-in. The first is as a boosting signal for your home’s Wi-Fi. The second is an app allowing adjustments to be made from a Smartphone. For less than $50 per bulb, you can have this amazing technology for decades making this an unbelievable investment.

Home Security Systems

The days of having a technician come to your home and install wiring has some competition. The Canary system is a simple one piece unit. The system comes with an app that allows homeowners to use it for surveillance, activate the alarm, or even make emergency calls. If nothing is awry, you can tell it that things are okay. It has smart sensors that learns the home’s traffic and monitors for any unusual activity.
Not only are these items technology savvy, but cost-effective as well. Their functionality makes them options modern homeowners may want to consider. The best part is most of them are a quick do-it-yourself project that only takes a few minutes of your time to reap tangible benefits.

By Brooke Chaplan

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