Bring Your Tech to the Table: Marketing That Really Works

The technology industry is like no other industry today. It is a marketplace that is continually evolving, changing and gaining new customers. Keeping ahead of your competition in such a climate can be tough. However, there are a few methods for marketing new tech companies that really work. Below are a few of these strategies.

Bring Your Tech to the Table Marketing That Really Works

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Market Your Technology’s Functionality

Certain advertising campaigns for new technology products may be detached from the reality of running a business. For instance, while positioning your product as something that will change the world and make babies smile may make for a heartwarming commercial, it does nothing to explain why businesses should invest in your technology. Instead, try to explain exactly why your technology would be useful to the average business and what kinds of problems having such a technology can solve. Keep your message short and easy to understand. Also, keep your client base varied by connecting with non-local businesses and spreading the width of your demographic. According to Business Journal news in Sacramento, CA, businesses from out of state are gaining new locations in state. Researching these kinds of businesses can be a great way to expand and develop the technology they will need.

Market Your Plan for Change

One thing that businesses dislike doing is making investments in new technologies that will soon be outdated and useless. As a technology firm, you need to address these concerns with your marketing. Along with marketing the product, it’s also important to develop a plan for transition when the technology eventually changes. What you want from your customers is loyalty. Make sure to give them the sense that they will not be ripped off when that update occurs. This could involve discounts, trade-ins or something else.

Market Your Technology as More than a Product

Many technology firms want to branch out beyond business clients. If this is the case, use a separate mindset for marketing to the average technology user. People like Steve Jobs have changed how the public views technology and you can, too, if you keep your message simple and easy to understand. You also need to sell a lifestyle that goes along with the product that can only be achieved by owning it.

Reward Your Customers

Once you have caught your customers’ attention, give them a reason to stay with you. They need to associate their personas with your company on a very basic level. One way to achieve this is by running a customer rewards program. For example, you could give away promotional products that are branded with your company logos to certain loyal customers. Such promotional products can be found on a variety of websites such as

Overall, to properly market technology, it’s critical to be aware of the needs of your customer base. If your customers are businesses, advertise business solutions that are both functional and long-term. If your customers are the general public, the key is to sell them a technology-based lifestyle.

By Brooke Chaplan

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