Big Expectations – Does the Samsung Galaxy Mega Deliver?

If you are looking at getting a new phone, you want to pick out one that has the most features. One of the most popular phones that people get with Bell phone plans is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega. People looking to get the newest Samsung Galaxy from want to know if the phone lives up to their expectations. Here is a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega from an unbiased perspective.

Big Expectations Does the Samsung Galaxy Mega Deliver

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A Lot of Hype

The first Samsung Galaxy was a smash hit. It was one of the first Android phones to start challenging the iPhone, and now every new generation of the Samsung Galaxy is greeted with the same kind of fanfare as a new model of the iPhone. This is a lot of pressure to live up to, and the S4 Mega had a lot of hype before it hit the market.

One of the reasons that this smartphone was so hyped is that it represents a new path for the smartphone. There are tablets and smartphones, and this device tries to blur the lines between the two technologies. The screen is a huge 6.3 inches, which give users plenty of viewing surface area to enjoy videos and movies.

However, this big size is also the thing that is most often critiqued about this smartphone. Because it is labeled as a smartphone and not a tablet, people expect to be able to fit it in their pockets. This phone is too big to fit comfortably in most people’s pockets, which some people will not be able to live with.

Great Performance

For those who can embrace the big size of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega, there is lot to like about it. It uses the awesome Android software that operates smoothly and efficiently. The touchscreen responds very well on this device. It has more than enough power with its 1.7 GHz dual core Krait processors.

Watching video on the S4 Mega is a true pleasure. The 1920×1080 resolution allows you to watch the highest quality videos without sacrificing any resolution. This is the area where this device far outshines it smaller competitors on the smartphone market.

If you are looking for a good phone that has a great screen, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega may be right for you. If you don’t like large phones, then obviously it is not for you. Also, it does make users stand out from the crowd due to its size, which means shy people will probably want to pass on it.

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