Be in the Know: The Six Coolest Finance Apps of 2013

When mobile apps were first developed, they were designed to keep mobile device users entertained. As mobile apps advance, they become tools that help users with work and even with finances. If you want to turn your mobile device into a powerful finance tool, you’ll need to know which finance apps are being developed and released to the mobile marketplace. Here are the six most useful finance apps available in 2013.

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#6: Check

If you don’t like automatic bill pay but you aren’t fond of writing and mailing checks, Check is a useful mobile phone app that helps you keep your bills in check. Avoid overdraft and late fees, see all of your accounts at once, and take control over how much you pay to each service provider with this easy-to-use interface. With Check, you always have access to your account balances and you can make easy online payments for just 30 cents.

#5: Savings Goals

Do you find it difficult to save money? Savings Goals is a personal finance app that helps you set savings goals so that you can monitor your progress. With this app, you select how much you want to save and the app will set a schedule of how much you’ll need to put away to reach your target.

#4: Google Finance

Google Finance is an Android app that gives you real-time access to your finance portfolios, market trends, and finance news updates. If you want to see how a stock is performing, simply click on the app for updated trends that will keep you informed.

#3: YNAB

Most people know they need a budget but simply don’t want to create one. It’s important to know the difference between what you make and what you spend monthly. You Need a Budget is a finance app that will help you stop living paycheck to paycheck. With this app, you’ll learn the method to managing your money and paying down debt. If you’re looking for an app to help you achieve financial freedom, this app is an app that will help you get off the financial roller coaster so that you can save more faster.

#2: Mortgage Calculator Pro

If you’re shopping for a home, you should start shopping for a mortgage first. The Mortgage Calculator Pro app will help you compare the current rates from leading lenders. You’ll also be able to calculate your monthly payment based on the interest rate and term of the loan you choose. This is a great app to help you achieve your dream of home ownership.

#1: SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet

If you’re looking for an app designed just for your BlackBerry 10 from, look no further. SAP partners with BlackBerry and has designed the Customer Financial Fact Sheet app just for the new operating system. This is a great finance app for professionals who need to access their customer’s financial data in an instant.

Finance apps are growing in popularity. Turn your mobile phone into a powerful financial tool with the right apps. Compare all of the applications that are available and start downloading.

By Hannah Whittenly

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