Awesome tips to help fix problems DVD drives that can’t read Disc

Optical drive is commonly used equipment in our life; with it we make DVD enjoyment with our family, reinstall the computer system and burn/rip a DVD for entertainment, as long as it is associated with DVD/CD Disc, We all need it. But sometimes our optical may strike just like a worker and cannot reading anything. Once encounter this kind of situation, people are at a loss and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry and this article I will offer you some Awesome tips to help fix problem that DVD Drive unable to read a DVD/CD disc. Hope to help!

Tip 1: Pirated DVD/CD disc

Check your DVD/CD Disc, You may get a pirated DVD/CD Disc and the disc quality is very poor, thus your optical drive can’t drive can’t read it. It is the problem of DVD/CD disc rather than the optical drive, replacing an original CD/DVD is ok.

Tip 2: Optical drive software problem

As a bridge of the operating systems and hardware, DVD/CD Drive program acts as important roles in reading a disc. Check it and ensure it work normally, if the DVD/CD drive program is not normal, reinstall it and then have a try again.

Tip 3: Virus attacks

Sometime, Virus attacks can also make your DVD drive paralysis; Use antivirus software to detected and kills the virus, and then restarts your computer to have a try again.

Tips 4: Dust accumulation

It is easy to accumulate dust when our computer is working, Dust accumulation will make our hardware a poor processing ability. As a result, DVD drive can not read the disk and what you should do is cleaning your drive.

Tip 5: Optical drive hardware problem

Just like a bicycle,our optical drives are also mechanical devices with several parts and they operate with incredible precision, as soon as any part is damage, the optical can not work normally.

Go and check your optical drive according to the tips I list above. If the methods above still can’t solve the problem of loading, change the optical drive to a new one, because it is time-consuming and strenuous to fix it and a new drive will not spend much money after all.

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