Automating Your Life: 7 Apps to Help With the Process

We carry a wealth of information in our pockets, so why is life not more automated? It can be. It just requires the right apps.

Automating Your Life, 6 Apps To Help With The Process

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Mint tracks spending and savings via credit cards, bank accounts, etc., and alerts you when you’re getting close to a budget limit, a bill is due or a balance changes. Mint intuitively categorizes your spending and is extremely customizable. If you’re looking to automate your financial life with one application, this is the one.


Menu Planner solves the dilemma of what’s for dinner. It integrates well with most favorite recipe sources like epicurious and makes adding favorite meals a breeze. Meal planning becomes an easy habit of clicking meals, glancing at the automatically prepared grocery list at the store and, voila, less spoilage, no meal-time stress and a healthier diet.


HomeRoutines reminds you of housework then gives gold stars for completed tasks. If your house is a mess, I suggest making your routines brief to start. For the morning, just make your bed (assuming that brushing your teeth is already a habit!) Complete the focus zone, then doing the dishes in the evening enough. After a week of gold stars, add a task to a morning or evening routine. It may take 28 days to form a habit, but being reminded to actually complete those habits-to-be each day can be very helpful.

Home Automation

MRFS Group is a company that works to make your home life easier in every way possible. You can control different aspects of your home security and always know that you home is safe and protected. You can control anything from gate entry to the lights in your home. It is a great way to incorporate technology with your everyday life.

Social Networking

If This Then That is a powerful tool that can short-cut all of the multi-step processes that we do on a daily basis. It allows you to create a truly customized work flow using any combination of 35 frequently used applications like Facebook and Dropbox. “If I post a picture to Facebook, I upload it to dropbox and twitter:” with IFTTT, it’s all done as soon as the picture’s on Facebook.


With Belkin’s WeMo, you can control essentially everything in your home from the lights to the thermostat. No more worrying about whether or not you turned on the security system or left for vacation with the temperature set at 79 degrees!


Dailyburn has workouts for anytime, anywhere and prevents boredom. Only have 15 minutes and stuck at home? There’s a brand new 15 minute workout planned specifically for your fitness level available in seconds at Dailyburn. Whether you enjoy zumba, pilates or just need a good stretching session, there’s always a perfect workout available. It’s like having a personal trainer, only cheaper.

Considering the litany of applications available on our smartphones, tablets and computers, this is just a start to the process of automating everything in life.

By Erika Remmington

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