Automatic Bliss – 5 Ways to Make Your Home Life Easier With the Click of a Button

Do you have a jam-packed daily schedule, and you’re running around busy every day? If you answered yes, new and technologically advanced home automation systems can take care of plenty of your daily tasks for you. These systems create smart homes where homeowners can manage small appliances and other home applications with the click of a button from any remote location. Technology often makes life more complex, but with smart systems, it can also make living a busy and hectic life easier for the modern-day mom or dad. Here are a few ways you can make your life so much easier, just with the touch of a button.

Automatic Bliss - 5 Ways to Make Your Home Life Easier With the Click of a Button

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Turning Lights On and Off

If you work long hours or you are frequently away for business, having an automation system can help create the impression that someone is in the home by automatically turning lights on and off. Not only does this feature help secure your home, it’s also useful when you arrive home in the dark hours of the night. Save electricity while still creating a safe and secure environment. This is also a helpful feature for parents of kids and teenagers. Kids don’t always remember to shut the lights of when they leave a room or leave the house for the day. You can easily correct this with home automation technology instead of hoping your kids will remember to conserve energy and flip the lights off.

Automating Your Locks

Have you ever left your home in a rush just to worry about whether or not your front door is locked? You must decide whether to turn around to lock your doors and risk being late, or to risk leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. Not only is this useful for your front and back door, but according to the professionals of Eastern Garage Doors, you can also use this technology to close your garage door if you forgot, or without getting out of your car. Your life will be so much easier when you have peace of mind about your home being locked and secure. When you have a home outfitted with a home automation system, you can program the system to activate your locks at a specific time, or access your system remotely to lock an unlocked door. No worry, and no unnecessary trips.

Remote Climate Control

Thermostats are nothing new, but home automation systems that offer intelligent climate control features take thermostats to the next level. With an automation system, you can program temperatures based on expected occupancy, future weather forecast and even the temperature in the home. You can also remotely control the climate if you would like to activate the air or heat before you arrive home because you have misjudged the weather for the day. Like with other home-automation features, this particular feature is helpful if you are on vacation and need to change the thermostat when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away. You don’t need to worry about coming home to a house that is too hot or too cold—just pull out your smartphone and take care of the temperature right away.

View Live Footage In Your Home

Security systems have advanced, and with a home automation system and cameras that are outfitted with sensors, you can control security cameras from a computer or smartphone whenever you want to see what is going on in your home. By logging into your automation app, you can program your devices to alert you when security systems are triggered or when you want to see what the kids are doing in the home. This is a great feature for parents who work and often have to leave kids and teenagers home alone. It’s also great if you have frequent break-ins in your neighborhood. You can get a text or alert warning you about an open door or unlocked window and check the cameras to see what is going on. If there is any suspicious activity, you can call the police and prevent your home from being robbed without even being there.

Home Entertainment With Voice Commands

Do you have multiple remotes? Are you tired of losing these remotes on a regular basis? If you want to make home entertainment more entertaining and less frustrating, you can use a universal home automation remote that controls all of your smart devices and even understands voice commands. Hands-free control of your TV and other devices is just a click away. For those who religiously follow television shows, or have movie night every weekend, this feature is a must. You can get to your entertainment much faster, and stop worrying about the tech side of things.

Home automation systems can control many different aspects of the home by connecting subsystems that are designed to work together. With the right sensors that can communicate with the hub of the automation system, you can program systems to turn on, turn off, lock or be changed remotely in real time. This is the system of the future.

By Dixie Somers

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