Angry Birds Go! More slippery new snow-themed Sub Zero episode

For many, the spring season has finally arrived. No more icy streets and no more cold weather; for others, the drought will last a bit longer and in Rovio’s case, it basically means "Welcome Winter!!!” The famous Angry Birds Go! maker has recently announced the release of a new game episode called "Sub Zero". Gamers will have a blast as there will be daily events, 8 new carts, more rewards, and lots of other perks they’ll surely enjoy.


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Angry Birds Go! – The "Sub Zero" Episode

Should we expect greatness in this new Angry Birds Go! Episode? Absolutely! The update comes packed with brand new starter packs that offer players’ premium soapboxes carts. Everyone will love that the new episode will begin with some really cool extra bonuses like gems and coins. Some new features included in the "Sub Zero" episode (version 1.2.0):

· Really cool, frosty environment

· Brand new snowy theme – Piggy Island gets ready for the spring and the tracks are covered on slippery ice. Just make sure to drive as safe as possible!

· New Telepods and carts – there will be 8 new karts waiting for players; don’t forget to check out the telepods toys too

· Updated kart starter pack – Hurray! Now you can opt for a new kart pack and benefits from some really cool gems and bonus coins.

· Daily rewards – lime-limited rewards are waiting for you, so make sure to stay updated

Ready? Set? Goooo…

We love the new Angry Bids Go episode because it looks polished and fun. Speed your way along the icy and snowy terrain of Piggy Island, and battle with the other snowmobiles. There will be 18 races that you have to win, so gear up!

The "Sub Zero" episode doesn’t have a megaboss players will have to defeat; however, some races will be pretty difficult to pass. Get your Olympic athlete mood on and coordinate your progress as the racetrack will be packed with challenging situations. The greatest thing about this new adventure is that there will be plenty of new carts – one for coins, several for gems and telepod toys, and one for $1.99 IAP.

Daily events to earn extra gems and coins

Boost your reward by competing daily. You will receive 200 coins in day 1, 400 coins in day 2, 4 gems in day 3, 600 coins in day 4, 6 gems in day 5 and up to 1000 coins in day 6. What’s even better is that day 7 will reward you with 10 gems. Now that’s pretty insane to double your reward long into Facebook.

"Sub Zero" looks pretty exciting. You’ll have dozens of assorted tweaks and bug squashes to try out, and although there will be impossible-to-beat challenges, try not to back down. Now let’s have a closer look at the karts:


– Level 1 – Tar Barreller

– Level 2 – Polar Ice Cup

– Level 3 – Cramp-om Crawler

– Level 4 – Tracked Trekker

King Pig’s Karts

– Level 1 – Slushy Slider

– Level 4 – Strike Out

– Level 6 – Shred Sled

Chuck’s Karts

– Level 6 – Chuck Ice

– Level 6 2nd Kart – The Blue Cornet

Terence’s Karts

– Level 6 – Mr. Plow

– Level 6 -2nd Kart – Arctic Roller

Are you ready to try out this super slippery mega fun Angry Birds Go! Episode? Sub Zero is packed with great entertainment, and yes, you will stumble upon some challenges. But there’s nothing you can’t beat if you’re 100% focused on the game.

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