Android or iOS: Which Tablet is Best Suited to Your Needs?

Android and iOS are the two most popular tablet operating systems on the market. While both tablets offer users similar services and display options, certain users have found that they prefer one over the other. Which tablet is best for you depends on your unique needs and preferences—the following is a comparison of some of the major features and specifications of each tablet, to help you decide which tablet is a better fit for your purposes:

Android or iOS Which Tablet is Best Suited to Your Needs

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iOS is made by Apple, while Google makes Android. The tablets these two companies make are considered to be the best available Buying an Android tablet means you’ll be making most of your purchases through Google, while iOS tablets offer entry into Apple’s content delivery platform. Android users purchase music, movies, and games through the Google Play app, while Apple users have iTunes for music and the App Store for apps.

Buying In

Android and iOS have very different app ecosystems. The differences stem from how each company handles developers, the people that make the applications. To create an application for iOS and be recognized as an "Apple Developer", you must pay a $99 fee. Developers don’t like fees, and Android has none. Consequently, Android offers a greater selection of apps than Apple but no guarantee of app quality or designer integrity.


Android allows the user much greater control over their tablet. iOS does not allow for complete administrative control. For many this doesn’t matter, but power users may be left wanting with iOS. Conversely, those unfamiliar with tablet technology may want the security of limited customization.

Hardware Selection

iOS tablets come in two sizes; The iPad is 9.7 inches, while the iPad mini is 7.9 inches. Android tablets come in several sizes, produced by many different hardware manufacturers. Though this provides buyers with more options, quality may vary by manufacturer. When purchasing an iOS tablet, the buyer can be sure the hardware was manufactured by Apple and the company can be held accountable for any defective hardware.

Display Technology

In addition to general hardware specifications, two factors which decide the price of a tablet are screen resolution and size. A tablet, at its most basic, is simply a portable, touchscreen computer, so it makes sense that the bulk of the cost would be in the display. Apple pioneered the high resolution display for tablets with their "Retina" display, but Google quickly caught up. Now, Android offers a much wider selection of display technologies, and Google’s hardware manufactures price aggressively.


Both iOS and Android tablets entertain, increase productivity, and enrich lives. Having the information you need about which tablet works best for you will enable you to make an informed purchase and get everything you want out of your tablet.

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