Addicted to Your Smartphone? Five Great Upgrades for Your Device

Anyone addicted to their smartphone knows that, while you may love everything it does, there’s always something which needs improvement. Whether you’re looking to expand your phone’s battery life, storage capabilities, or the abilities of its features, there’s an upgrade out there which can help.

Addicted to Your Smartphone - Five Great Upgrades for Your Device

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MicroSD Card

If you have a MicroSD port, don’t let it go to waste. The extra storage can hold your apps, photos, videos and music. Phones have a limit on how big your microSD card can be, so pay attention when you decide to make this purchase.

Telephoto Lens

Are you addicted to your smartphone’s camera but not so impressed with the pictures? Try telephoto lenses like the Olloclip. Telephoto lenses give you fish-eye, zoom, macro and wide-angle shots. There are small, clip-on versions and others which even come with their own tripods. They all attach to and increase the functionality of your camera.

Boom Mic

Smartphones offer recording functions but the microphones are hardly the best. Add a boom mic to get the quality sound you prefer. Some of these microphones come attached to headsets. Others are just boom mics attachments to the existing microphone ports. Point them where they’re needed and get the sound you want.

Battery Extenders

Battery extenders are add-on batteries that can double the life of your phone. Most battery extender packages come with both the extender and a modified phone case to accommodate the increased size, as with the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery extender case. It bulks up your phone, but the extra bulk is worth it for a hardcore smartphone user.

Smart Watch

Even if you always have your smartphone nearby, there are times when you can’t pull it out of your bag or back pocket. Sometimes, it’s just in another area in the house. Smart Watches like the Pebble and the Galaxy Gear make sure you get all your texts, updates and phone calls right where you can see them quickly and easily: on your wrist.

Smartphones are entertaining and useful devices with great potential. Take advantage of all the perks and then add a little extra. Smartphone addicts know how good it feels to upgrade their devices until they reach that coveted level of ‘better than ever’.

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By Emma Sturgis

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