A gadget with an impressive design the B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker

B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker has an impressive design.

BW Zeppelin iPod Speaker

Sleek and curvaceous, the award-winning Zeppelin iPod speaker system from renowned speaker manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins combines eye-catching design with world-leading technology.

With five integral speakers which can be adjusted via your iPod you can optimize the sound to suit your surroundings. You can vary the bass level according to the amount of space around the speaker, giving you a refined sound even in confined spaces.

The unique floating arm and universal docking platform allow you to play almost any iPod on the B&W Zeppelin, and control it as easily as if it were in your hand.

And with the Zeppelin filling the room with crisp, deep, lifelike stereo sound, you’ll experience musical detail from your favourite tracks that you won’t believe your iPod could deliver.

A 3.5mm analogue mini jack and optical digital input (TOSlink) are also featured, so almost any digital music device or portable music player can benefit from the Zeppelin’s warmly detailed sound (linking cables not included). It’s compatible with a host of iPods (see below) as well as the new iPhone.

B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker main features:

  • Compatible with   Apple iPod 
  • Dimensions   H19.8 x W64 x 20.8cm 
  • Speaker output (RMS)Measured in WATTS. The higher the number, the louder the sound!   100W (50W bass speaker, 2 x 25w midrange/tweeter) 
  • Video input / output   S-video and composite video out

Pricing and availability info

The B&W Zeppelin iPod Speaker cost £390 and it is available at JohnLewis.com.

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