7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Smartphone

In the past only business people used to carry powerful smartphones with them. No these smartphones became a necessity even to a common mobile user to stay ahead of others in this highly competition world. People are very busy that they don’t want to miss their social buddy tweets, important calls and emails when they are out of their office desktops. So, they are attracted towards smartphones which provide instant stock market and business news, access to important office documents, emails and also deliver multimedia in the hands. Also, they can easy synchronize with your desktops and comes with plenty of 3rd party apps to complete your daily tasks.


No doubt, whether it would be EE 4g smartphones or a normal phone, smartphones are a necessity today, but you also need to understand certain things before picking one for you. So, here we have listed some important factors in this article that you should consider before going to purchase a good smartphone. These things are vital and can be applied to any smartphone.

1. Platform:-

One crucial factor that makes a big difference in the smartphones are the platforms on which they operate. Pick your platform carefully and take the advice from other mobile users before you make a final purchase. Android is the current popular OS that is ruling the smartphone market. Other popular OS you can look for are Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Symbian and Windows mobile OS.

2. Build & Design:-

Another important factor to look on a smartphone is its design and build quality. Nokia phones are better known for their build quality. If resolution and screen size is a consideration for you, then you can go for Samsung or LG smartphones. If you are looking for a premium build quality and looks then consider Sony Ericsson and Apple brands.

3. Call Functionality:-

Many smartphone buyers doesn’t pay attention to call features. If you want to buy a iPhone, it is very essential to look for a good smartphone that supports 3-way calling, call waiting, voice dialing and speaker phone support. A high-end smartphones with poor signal strength doesn’t live up to the user expectations.

4. Battery Life:-

Always purchase a good smartphone that is having a good battery life. This is very important as many smartphones apps are resource hungry and you definitely need a massive battery power to keep the device working for the whole day.

5. Multimedia & Camera:

These features are not main criteria, but are recommended for a good smartphone experience. There is no extra need for you to carry additional gadgets, if your smartphone provides you decent camera and multimedia experience. Look for at least 5 MP camera with zoom functionality and has the ability to play different audio formats and record video in HD resolution.

6. Apps Support:-

This is also one important aspect that makes your smartphone decision a failure or a success. Though popular smartphones come with bundled apps, they don’t always fulfill the needs of the users. So, you need to go for those smartphones that support 3rd part apps. If apps is your first priority, then go for iPhone or Android smartphones.

7. Storage & Other Features:-

Many smartphones come with stylish looks, powerful apps and features. But, most of them fail by offering a small amount of RAM and secondary storage space. So always look for a better smartphone that comes with latest features and ample storage capacity.

By Bency George

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