6 of the Most Exciting Jobs You Can Get with a Degree in Technology

Choosing a career path in college can be difficult. However, one option you should certainly consider is technology. It’s a continually evolving field with plenty of exciting career opportunities for graduates. Below is a list of six exciting tech jobs.

6 Of The Most Exciting Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In Technology

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1. Video Game Designer

While once only thought of as kids’ stuff, video games have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that dwarfs Hollywood and many other entertainment industries. It’s also one of the easiest entertainment industries to get into since there is a continual need for new talent with coding and design skills.

2. App Developer

The popularity of apps has certainly sky rocketed in the past several years. Apps are not only useful, but they can also be a lot of fun. This also includes the development process. If you want to pursue a career that requires plenty of creativity with the reward of people you know using your product, becoming an app developer is a great choice.

3. Social Media Manager

The way most companies keep in touch with their customers these days is through social media. As such, there is a great need for specialists to help manage their social media output as well as their online relationship with customers.

4. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing has changed how people use computers and the internet forever. The cloud is now one of the most common ways people store data and launch programs. As such, there is a strong need for workers that have the technical knowledge to construct cloud networks and maintain them so they can provide quick access for customers to their programs and products.

5. SEO Specialist

One of the keys to having a successful business in today’s internet based marketplace is the ability to rank high on search engine result pages. The algorithms used by Google and other search engines are complex and continually changing. Being able to keep up with the change requires hiring employees who are experts in making sure websites are optimized for search engine use.

6. Data Scientist

Today, most of the world’s most exciting scientific breakthroughs are thanks to the unbelievable processing power of today’s computers. Without the technical expertise to write and run complex analytics programs, things like the cure for cancer won’t be found. This is why data scientists are so important.

Overall, technology is a continually changing career field. It is quite likely that more new exciting careers will be created as humanity continues to master its use of technology to improve people’s lives. To obtain an exciting and rewarding career, it’s important that you get a degree from a school like the Interactive College of Technology. Getting a degree will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in the tech world.

By Anita Ginsburg

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