6 Interesting Car Technologies That Will Simplify Your Life

Technology should make our lives easier and better, and this applies to cars as well. They should enable us to drive safely, cover great distances in extremely short periods of time, and feel good when we’re behind the wheel. Fortunately, we live in a world where most vehicles feature numerous technological advances that can make driving a real pleasure. In the following lines you are presented 6 of the most interesting car technologies of the future.

1. Piloted Parking

Finding a parking space can sometimes be a nightmare, mainly on weekends and during holidays. Just imagine how amazing it would be if you didn’t have to spend hours to find a spare place. The new Audi piloted parking feature will certainly leave you speechless.

It works incredibly easily and everything you have to do is drive your Audi vehicle to a car lot, leave your car at the drop-off area, and then select an open space with your smartphone application, and wait for the car to do all the work. The vehicle will use its Light Detection and Ranging (LINDAR) cameras to move around the lot, and then park itself in the chosen space. And, to get back to your car, you can simply enter the application again, and demand your car to come at the drop-off area where you left it.


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2. In-Car WiFi Hotspots

Nowadays, everyone has internet and there are WiFi hotspots everywhere. Whether we’re talking about the home, the workplace, or major shopping centers, it’s now simpler than ever to stay connected. The 2013 Ram 1500 comes with a fabulous solution, Uconnect Access, which will appeal to all automakers.

Basically, Uconnect Access is a special upgrade, which costs about $505, and it is attached to the Ram 1500’ infotainment system. Likewise, the package includes a modern 3G cellular modem, along with running on the spring network, which offers a WiFi hot spot for several devices.


3. Airless Tires

A lot of drivers are not used to verifying their tire inflation as often as they should, and most of them drive around with underinflated tires, which is pretty unsafe. The tire pressure can be affected by an array of factors; over-inflation and well as under-inflation determine the premature wear of a tire, thus you will need either to dump the air, or get some more extra-air.

Luckily, now there is a tech solution for this issue too, and the Bridgestone Corporation announced that they’re working on a revolutionary concept airless or “non-pneumatic” tire. They say that instead of air, this unique tire will contain molded thermoplastic resin spokes, a material which is strong enough to sustain the vehicle. And, because these tires do not need any air, they will operate normally even if they are perforated, plus they will be completely recyclable.

4. Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Because the “airless tires” idea will probably be put on hold for a couple of years, Nissan has introduced a different type of technology that makes it easier for you to know when your tires need air. The car maker released the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system, which is a fabulous alternative to the imprecise tire pressure gauges that you can find at most gas stations. Plus, it is very easy to use this system too, and once you connect an air hose to the tire, it will indicate that the process of filling has begun, and it will also show you when you need to stop, and when the proper pressure has been reached.


5. Smart Headlights

Driving in the rain, in the snow, or at night can be extremely challenging, and not only because of poor road conditions, but also because a car’s headlights illuminates snowflakes and raindrops, and it loses focus on the road. Researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University have developed a system which features a camera projector, an Intel-based processor, and a beam splitter aimed to reduce the amount of raindrops in your field of view.

6. Hydrophobic Windows

How amazing if would be if instead of hiding raindrops, one could make them slide off the car’s windows? Well, the 2014 Kia Cadenza is one of the first automobiles that feature hydrophobic windows. These have been created to repel condensation and water, and these features improve visibility in rainy weather, making driving in the rain easier and safer.



Article by Peter Smith

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