6 Futuristic Technologies That Are Becoming a Reality

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidity of technological advancement these days, and every industry seems to be three steps ahead all the time. Now in 2014, things are continuing in their advancement and things we thought were pipe dreams are now becoming reality. Below are six varied and futuristic technologies that are society-bound this year:


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Sprayable Energy

From the mind of a 21-year old tech wizard comes a coffee equivalent in the form of spray. Like a small bottle of cologne, users can get their much-needed energy boost from a spray bottle that delivers them a misty cup of joe. Makes you wonder what’s next – viewable energy?

3D Printing

You probably were made aware of this technology last year as 3D Printed guns were made and distributed on a criminal level. However, the devices can create all sorts of practical objects and they can be had for a few hundred dollars. With an open source market of freely distributed data, there’s no shortage of amazing and practical things that can be had with 3D printing. Kind of makes you feel like you’re in an episode of Star Trek, doesn’t it?


While you may remember this as a mythical James Bond gadget, the reality is this device is now reality. With a price tag lurching over $100,000, it’s certainly not cheap; but wouldn’t it be cool to be ‘the guy with a jetpack in his garage? Imagine if this device was somehow priced like a moped and people could get around the skies with their jetpacks? If this was feasible maybe we’ll be able to head to Radioshack or head online to places like newcastlebatteries.net.au to simply buy our jetpack batteries? How cool would that be?


Could this be the bridge between FaceTime and legitimate holograms? Developed by AT&T, this sound-based technology goes all out to make those connected via Skype or FaceTime feel as if they’re in the same room. It’s quite eerie to use at first but once you get used to it the effect is undeniably potent.

Commercial Space Flight

After years of anticipation, Richard Branson and his two children will be taking the first privately funded/commercial space flight in 2014. Soon, others will follow in their footsteps and this will pave the way for the Mars expeditions being planned for 2030 (a voyage that will prompt volunteers to begin colonization).

Flying Robots

Amazon made headlines last year with their proclamation of delivering orders within 30 minutes. To do this, they’d be using highly sophisticated drones to scurry through the air and set packages at their destination without the help of any postmaster. While there’s a lot of red tape surrounding the idea, it’s not farfetched to think the airways might be jam-packed with little drones in the near future.

These surprising inventions are just some of the emerging developments in our ever-speedy world. Who knows, by this time next year these might be mainstream mainstays!

By April Labarron

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