5 Ultimate Tips To Minimize The Effect of Radioactive Energy

Exposure to energy released by radioactive substances is a major cause for concern wherever these materials are used for nuclear experiments, medical treatment or for any other purpose. The chance of survival is inversely proportional to the amount of exposure which a person may be subjected to in his normal course of duty or due to some unforeseen accident. This means that more the exposure to radioactive materials more is the destruction caused to cells and tissues of the body ultimately leading to death.


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1. Effect of Radioactive substances

The biggest problem is that people may be exposed to this radioactive energy without knowing it. The symptoms that are related to exposure to the energy released by radioactive materials do not appear immediately but take some time to affect the individual’s body organs. By the timer it is detected the process of destruction of body cells and tissues is almost irreversible and the deterioration is steady till the very end.

2. Exposure to Radioactive substances

A patient undergoing some medical treatment like being X-rayed and the person administering the medical procedure with some radioactive material can both get exposed to high levels of the energy released. Scientists working in nuclear labs are most susceptible to exposure while an improper disposal of some radioactive material can expose the general public to the dangers of the energy released by them.

3. Components used to measure Exposure to Radioactive Substances

Exposure to the energy released by radioactive substances is so dangerous and fatal that it can affect people through multiple generations creating limitless suffering and pain. The amount of exposure or dose undergone by a person usually depends on three main components which are,

· the distance the person was from the source when the exposure took place,

· the total period of time during which the exposure took place, and,

· the amount of exposure that could be prevented by the protective sheath or cover.

The greater the distance from the source and less the duration, the less fatal is the exposure. The last component is the most important one because if the protection provided is proper then the chance of the other two components affecting the person becomes almost irrelevant. There is no cure for the exposure to the energy released by radioactive materials. The only cure is to reduce the possibility of exposure to these life taking radioactive energy levels to an absolute nil.

4. Protection from Radioactive energy

The huge amount of energy which is released by a radioactive substance has the capability of destroying all living cells and tissues which come in its path irrespective of whether the subject of exposure is human or animal. To make the protection effective enough to prevent any damage to the living cells and tissues, a metal or a compound is needed to be put around the radioactive substance which can absorb this huge amount of energy and which does not allow the energy to pass through any other point except the aperture which is used for directing the energy rays.

5. An example of a protective measure

For example, an X-ray room may be lined with lead sheets so that the public outside the room do not get exposed to the radiation. The technician operating the X-ray machine should wear lead lined aprons for his protection. Scientists working in highly radioactive areas of the nuclear laboratories should wear lead lined suits and boots to prevent any exposure to dangerous radioactive substances. Extreme caution should be taken in disposing radioactive waste so that the general public is not exposed to this radioactive energy.

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