5 Online Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Implement in Their Business

Online marketing, just like everything else on the Internet, changes with the times. As web technology progresses, marketing also advances. These developments mostly benefit everyone, from marketers to consumers, so they should always be taken into account when deciding on an online marketing strategy to pursue. The following are five of the best online marketing trends marketers should consider implementing:


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1. Continuing Reign of Content Marketing

Content is still king and content marketing is unlikely going to lose its luster anytime soon. Even as companies decide to cut on their online marketing expenses, the amount allocated for content marketing is something that should remain. The Google search engine has continuously been improved but its functions continue to be anchored on content. It only makes sense to make content a fundamental factor in Internet marketing efforts.

Well, it might not be that accurate to consider content marketing as a “trend” since it is basically a “staple” in online marketing, but still it’s worth mentioning it for the sake of emphasis. The need to come up with high quality texts or articles to be posted on web pages is indubitably important. An article on Forbes.com even predicts that content marketing will be bigger than ever in 2014.

2. Growing Importance of Videos and Images

There’s a reason why many of the top websites of the world (in terms of traffic) are sites that mainly offer videos and images or facilitate the sharing of these multimedia content. Also, one social media marketing report claims that marketers are planning to increase the use of images this year. It’s not difficult to understand why this is the case. Articles that don’t bear any photo, showing nothing else but blocks of texts barely attract the attention of web surfers. The same is true with ads or marketing materials. Nobody will be interested to take a glance over something composed mostly of texts and boring content. Marketers are expected to strategically and increasingly use images and videos in the materials they produce.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is not everyone’s cup of tea but it has been gaining acceptance among Internet users, especially those who frequent certain blogs or online publications. Many are already becoming tolerant of the presence of sponsored content in their favorite blogs or online magazines as long as the content are written without being too obviously and intrusively promotional. It’s very important for sponsored content to be craftily written in ways that they don’t annoy readers. Otherwise, they may only invite disfavor or aversion from the intended audience.

4. Social Media Sharing and Paid Social Advertising

Social media is another very important online marketing trend that marketers should take the time to learn and master. Some call it overrated but the results it yields when it is properly undertaken are doubtlessly enticing. Whether it’s on mobile or desktop, social media is one of the top activities online. It would be insensible to not make use of it to promote products or brands. However, you can’t just treat social media sharing and paid social advertising as something you can do without careful analysis and planning.

5 Online Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Implement in Their Business 1

A recent study by Adroll based on 1 billion ad impressions from 547 advertisers found that Facebook news feed ads have 21x higher click through rate compared to standard web retargeting ads and 49x stronger click through rate in comparison to right-hand side ads. This shows how you can’t just think of social media advertising generically. There are nuances in social media that should be understood more thoroughly before trying to implement any social media based marketing effort.

5. Responsive Design Playing an Important Role in Marketing Success

M-dot websites are dying and responsive web design is bound to take over. This year will see a reduction in the number of m-dot websites or those websites with the “m.” part instead of “www.” meant to serve as the special URL for a version of a website optimized for reading or browsing on mobile devices. It no longer makes much sense trying to build a different version of a website for mobile devices. With responsive design, the design adjusts based on the size and resolution of the display used to browse a website.

The principles of responsive web design can also be applied on emails, especially when doing email marketing. Instead of tediously sending emails with a different layout optimization for mobile, it is advisable to simply use responsive email design. Web browsers nowadays are already intelligent enough to render responsive designs without problems.

5 Online Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Implement in Their Business 2

Of course, you can’t just do any or all of these without doing a thorough analysis of your situation. These online marketing trends may or may not work for you and it is your responsibility to properly assess their potential to become useful for your online marketing efforts. Nevertheless, they are likely going to work so it’s worth the time studying them and considering their implementation.

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