5 Easy Ways to Start Recycling

It is now easier than ever before to recycle, yet some people still don’t take advantage of all of the options open to them. If this is something you want to start doing then you might as well start with the easiest ways you can find, like these ones.


Use Recycled Paper

One of the simplest ways of getting started at work is by recycling your paper. On the simplest level this means that instead of throwing away a piece of paper with some writing on it you use it again and again until it is filled. It might not sound like much but if you do a lot of writing or printing then it can add up to a fair amount of paper saved over a month.

Use a Recycled Toner Cartridge

If you do a lot of printing then you probably also go through a lot of toner cartridges. To make your working life a little greener you just need to use recycled cartridges. This is incredibly easy to do if you go online and replace your toner cartridges with toners4less.co.uk. This is another relatively small change which can go on to make a big difference if we all do it all of the time.

Recycle Your Batteries

While the paper and toner ideas are more suitable for carrying out at work you can also do a lot more recycling at home if you think about it. For example, it is also very simple to recycle your old batteries now. In fact, in many parts of the world it now just a question of depositing your old ones in the shop where you purchase new ones.

Write Over Your Old CDs

Most of us have a lot of old CDs lying around our houses but we will still buy new ones when we need to save something on one. Instead of doing this you should make sure that you write over all of your old ones first. To do this well it helps to have a good system, as you need to know what is on each of your CDs to avoid losing anything which is important.

Use the Available Recycling Resources

Finally, it is going to be a lot easier to start recycling if you know what options are open to you. In most big cities across the planet there are now recycling centres and collections such as www.recyclezone.org.uk. Your first step should be to find out what is available locally. Actually, you don’t need to restrict yourself just to local centres. If you have something you need to get rid of and the only way to recycle is by travelling a little then it is worth doing this. Of course, you won’t want to drive a long way just for one thing, so what about asking friends and work colleagues if they anything to recycle as well and take a lot of stuff with you?

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