4 Things to Know Before You Go For Selecting the Net App Flexpod Architecture

The availability of Flexpod Netapp is the result of business collaboration between Cisco and NetApp, who shook their hands together to work jointly and discovered a comprehensive solution in the form of Flexpod architecture. This all inclusive global framework has scored the brownie points in terms of performance, scalability and availability as it has complied well with regulatory or business governance mandates, and improved asset consumption over an increasingly complicated involvement of networking, physical and virtual server, and storage infrastructure thereby reducing risk of managing each one of these separately. Below are listed few points which one should know before deciding to go with Net App Flexpod architecture:


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What does NetApp Flexpod actually mean?

FlexPod, which is the result of joint venture of Cisco and NetApp, is reference structural design for server, storage and networking mechanism (integrating all these into a single flexible architecture), that is pre-checked, pre-tested and authenticated to execute jointly as an integrated and converged infrastructure stack. Available through the ecosystem of joint Cisco and NetApp, this cooperative support model presents aerodynamic response from industrial experts to quickly recognize and resolve any problem related to shared infrastructures.

Is This a Global framework?

There would be no doubt to say that Flexpod is a global framework This is a global framework, with some minor variations based on region or country. Partners from any country can qualify if they complete the requirements. With the advent of this global and converged framework solution, the operation and management of virtualized environments spanning server, storage, and networking components have been simplified to a great extent. This universal framework has opened doors to bigger consolidation, enhanced utilization, and condensed capital expenses. This collaborative support model has streamlined the entire support process and has resulted into a significant improvement in operational efficiency.

Will it accelerate and simplify the data management process?

This question usually crops up in the mind before one go for selecting NetApp Flexpod architecture. The answer to this question is: Absolutely Yes! It is only due to the efficient and simplified data management process, the use of Flexpod is gaining immense popularity. With the changing technological trend, organizations are now moving from managing conventional silos of infrastructure to a more efficient, global and shared infrastructure as it permits them to enjoy more dynamism and flexibility while accomplishing their business needs. It is here, the converged infrastructure of Flexpod has benefitted the enterprises with fully tested solutions such as integrated elements spanning server, storage, networking, virtualization, and so on and so forth.

Integrated Infrastructure

The joint effort of Cisco and NetApp has resulted into converged infrastructure solutions which has played a vital role in successful alignment of datacenter IT environments with rapidly changing business goals, which had never been possible earlier. This effective integrated infrastructure has greatly reduced management complexities and improved overall IT efficiency.

Key Benefits of Flexpod architecture:

  • The converged and integrated infrastructure of Net App Flexpod has speeded up the deployment of business applications.
  • It offers pretested and validated solution which in turn reduces risks and amplifies IT efficiency.
  • It has lead IT architecture to scale up or out in nearby future.
  • It resolves shared-infrastructure related issues faster and quicker.

Having proper information regarding this giant framework will let you accelerate your transition to the cloud with future proof infrastructure.

Article by Bency George

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