4 Things That You Shouldn’t Miss When Going Mobile

Mobile subscriptions have already outnumbered the current world population, and this trend is likely to continue in the next five years or so. In India alone, more than a hundred million access Internet via mobile devices daily – from social media to searching for real estate classifieds in India. If you do the math, it is not too difficult to realize that being an invisible business in the mobile realm could be detrimental to your money-making goals.


We have assembled a pack of suggestions to address the unique needs driving mobile trends in this massive technological shift.

    • Focus on the social media effect.

Capitalizing on mobility and social media marketing is arguably the most sound tactic you can employ at an era dominated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Creating and excellent mobile experience will accelerate the virtuous circle of discovery, sharing, traffic and more sharing. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to engage and build your brand among a sea of end users. Creating a long-term strategy to engage social media audience is a vital piece to cultivating a successful business.

    • Go for straightforward content and easy navigation.

I must admit that too many links within links and technical illustration take me to the moon. Most of the time, I’d skip the part of reading this content or just close the browser and find other sites that my normal self can relate to. A lot of people will affirm that they do the same thing. This is why it’s imperative to maximize the mobile screen size to feature actual content.

If you are targeting smartphones, you have to be more straightforward. Bigger display of tablets would mean content-rich graphics to take advantage of the larger size. The “outside in approach” will do wonders for you.  Keep in mind what the customers want and need first.

You can also insert navigational options within visibly labeled buttons or images. It is also helpful to know that most users prefer vertical scrolling than horizontal navigation. Incorporating mobile alerts can help you route users to content faster.

If you are targeting iPhone and iPad users, avoid using Flash as iOS devices don’t fully support Flash. Go for HTML5 or JavaScript.

    • Direct to the point communication.

We have been speaking of mobile experience since the first bullet. There’s no way you can engage and attract users without the element of good communication.

Avoid scaling down your website to squeeze in parcel of information into the tiny screens of mobile devices. Tap mobile development systems to prune your offering to the most critical features only.

    • Take time to review usability and feedback.

Sluggish page loads, prying web and in-app purchase offers can really discourage mobile users.  It would help if you sit down and review the speed and performance of the website with a group of trusted people, like a beta program before the actual launch.

Assuming that everyone knows how to navigate the site is silly.  It’s a good practice to regularly check in with end users regularly.

Tapping the massive mobile audience is a critical component for businesses and multichannel merchants today and in the years to come. But, mobilizing your website is just the beginning of a story, as there are quite a few things to ponder when creating the blueprint of your mobile strategy.

Image By User:IHIZ (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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