4 Gadgets That Every True Music Lover Must Own

Apart from its numerous other benefits, technology seems to have created a whole new paradise for music lovers. Literally, the amount of incredible music gadgets flooding the market today is unbelievable. Right from hi-tech portable music players, to funky headphones, to swanky speakers, extraordinary accessories and what not – the list is endless. If you take your music seriously and wish to lay your hands on the best in the market, listed below are 4 spectacular gadgets you should definitely check out.

Jawbone JAMBOX

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Give it up for the coolest looking speaker in town – Jawbone JAMBOX! This amazingly handy speaker not only looks cool and funky to the core, but also gives you an unbelievably rich sound quality. Most importantly, these stunning speakers are extremely portable and wireless! There are literally hundreds of good speakers in the market to lay your hands on, but when it comes to Jawbone Jambox, things fall into a different league altogether – something that you will realize the very instant you lay one of these beauties onto the palm of your hand. With its mind-blowing looks, rich sound, advanced features and convenient size, you would definitely want to believe in the saying “good things come in small packages” – indeed!

Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack

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You surely might have come across many backpacks throughout your life, but something epic that you’ve never come across before has got to be the Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack. Believe it or not, this backpack is not just another ordinary backpack – this versatile backpack comes equipped with a removable solar pocket that can charge almost all your electronic gadgets. Just 4-5 hours in the sun and your phone can be fully charged. If you’re not in the sun, you can still charge your devices using the USB Power Cable or the optional AC travel charger or DC car charger. Moreover, this super-backpack is very spacious and can easily accommodate your laptop, your phone, your music player and some snacks too! The bag is perfect for travelling – whether you’re hiking, or on a business trip, or cycling, or even camping in the wilderness, this bag rocks! With this amazing gem strapped around your shoulder, you will never go without listening to your music.

iPod Touch

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Let’s be realistic – if you’re a music lover, it would be surprising if you don’t own at least one Apple music player giving you an unparalleled audio experience, far better than most of the portable music players available out there in the market. If you’re crazy about your music, you definitely wouldn’t want to compromise with the best – and that’s got to be an iPod Touch. The latest addition to the line of portable music players designed and marketed by Apple, the iPod touch is stylish, sleek and classy. Moreover, unlike the previous iPod models, the iPod Touch has a new thinner design and a touch screen interface, along with front and back camera’s, and HD video recording capabilities. This amazing gadget can connect to the web wirelessly, and you can even tune into the iTune Store and the App Store.

Skullcandy FIX In-Ear Earbuds

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If you’re a music buff looking for an impressive and decent set of ear buds to bring out the best from your favorite music numbers, it’s got to be a set of these strikingly cool and stylish ear buds by Skullcandy. As the name suggests, these ear buds literally ‘fix’ into your ear, without you having to bother about it falling off – perfect for people on the go. Besides, these buds also have a microphone as well as volume up/down buttons, allowing you to use them on calls too, if required. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

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  1. I am quite amazed and interested on Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack, seems new to me though not that new because almost all of us know what solar power can give us and we expect that certain items like this would probable be made and useful to us. Music is life for us, all of us love to hear music and good thing there are many gadgets who can give us good music experience.

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