3 Smart Tricks to Choosing a Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Regardless of the target and the purpose that your website is supposed to carry, selecting a perfect domain name for your web site becomes crucial for the survival of a web site. Usually, people get so much drawn in the entire process of web designing that they tend to miss onto selecting the appropriate domain name. Most of web developers at times forget that a domain name is generally the first thing people will encounter and remember about your business. Therefore, processes involving the selection or buying a domain name must always be given undue consideration in order to give your business an extra edge. Follow these simple tips to choose a good domain name for your business website.


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1. Associate your Domain Name with your Website

While picking up a domain name for your business, always try to keep your domain name and the name of your website as close to each other as feasible. Make sure that you are not confusing your visitors as well as your potential customer base by choosing a domain name which does not relate to your business or at worse is totally contrary to the name of your website. There is even a possibility that you end up choosing a domain name which unfortunately mismatches with your business but goes perfectly well with the site name of your competitor. So you never know when all your visitors and sales will switch to your competitor’s services.

As a rule of thumb, it is always recommended to use your domain name same as your business or website name. If your business name is too long for a domain name, try employing its shorter version. You can also try to include a keyword related to your business type in the domain name in order to extract the SEO benefit out of it. However, opt for this option only if the keyword subtly fits in the name. Make sure you are not forcing the keyword into the name.

2. Keep it short, simple and easy

The whole idea behind choosing an appropriate domain name for your business website is to pick a name which people will remember. This will not only boost the word of mouth publicity of your business but will also aid the visitors in tracing your website more quickly and more easily. Remember, the more easily your customers remember your domain name, the more frequently they will visit your website and hence the more great and lucrative your sales can be. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep your domain name short, simple and in easy language so that it can be easily remembered.

3. Buy all the possible alternatives of your final domain name

Yes, it is very important to buy all the possible variations of the domain name you finalize because there might be a chance that your competitor or any other business might pick a different variant of your domain name. Though many web owners and businessmen tend to ignore this but it is an important factor. By not buying all the available extensions and variations of your major domain name, you can lose a large fraction of your sales to your competitors. This can even misguide or divert your visitors to other businesses which might have a domain name similar to yours but with a different extension. And then who knows that your business might get restrained from generating maximized profits only because another website has bought and is using one of the variations of your successful domain name. Also keep in mind that buying a domain name with all possible variations at the initial stage would not cost you much as re-buying it from a competitor can!

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  1. I Agree with Dan – The Domain name and the business should speak the same language. For Eg: If Facebook was taken by someone already and mark was to choose a domain name…what would it possibly be?
    If you want to start your website I recommend purchase your domain and hosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some hosting services offer this gift today.
    Love the third point – Buy all possible domains which may be related to your current business. I will certainly advise this one to all my clients as this could also help curb any negative reputation which could be possibly created with a short alteration to a website n create negative content!! Very good!

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