3 cool gadgets

If you are looking for cool Christmas gifts you will love these devices.

#1. Annoying GPS Gag

Annoying GPS gag

Annoying GPS gag will not take you to destination but will provide you a lot of joy.

This gadget is for entertainment only.

The driver will hear a female voice just like in a regular GPS but she will say:

  • “I know you are a man, but can you please admit you are lost and ask for directions?”
  • “I’m sorry we didn’t sleep together last night, but can you stop driving like a lunatic?”
  • “In 100 feet, stop and think, did you lock the back door?’

#2. Wireless Game Station

Wireless game station

The consoles are very expensive these days, but the Wireless Game Station will cost you under $60 and it offers the same entertainment options.

It come with a variety of 32 games and activities.

Have hours of fun with bowling, darts and golf, or work the mind with chess, Sudoku and Tetris and activities like Olympics in track and field, table tennis and fencing.

The Multi-player capability will mage the games even more exciting.

#3. Rollout electronic piano

Rollout electronic piano

Get the passion for the music everywhere you go. This gadget is compact and it rolls which means it is perfect for traveling.

The rollout electronic piano offers cutting-edge sound, 10 demo songs, 16 tone choices, 99 rhythm choices and 37 keys for 3 full octave range.

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