10 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Google Apps To Get Work Done

Google applications offer an effective and cheap suite or posse of apps for schools or businesses wanting move forward. As many educational organizations, governments and companies are considering a switch-over to the Google domain, the present question is the productivity of the cloud-driven system. While Gmail and Google Apps might not entail a complete substitution for heavy or full-time Microsoft office folds, it surely offers a compatible set of tools and machinery for the average user.


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· Offline editing is a big leap. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy and contested features of Google Apps in the ingrained enterprise happens to be the essentiality of an internet connection for accessing documents. You do not have a definite way to percolate Google Apps files backward to yours desktop. This feature was visible on the main drive page. Now, the only way to access it is to cope and paste a concerned URL into the concerned browser.

· Knitting the Google drive with your desktop builds a local folder, which is invariably connected to Google drive. This feature does not cater to offline editing capacities, but it does present a smooth way for dragging and dropping files like DF documents from your machine into the drive.

· The pin tab feature in Google Chrome enables you to pin tabs in the browser window to a condensed size, which helps in unlocking the most pivotal tabs jointly in one area. This is a useful feature if you keep you Google drive, calendar and Gmail open. It can also prove handy for those who work in various Google Docs. Always remember that after augmenting a new tab, you will get the right domain of a complete list of pinned tabs.

· With fast action buttons in Gmail, you can respond to occasion or event invitations, view attachments, check-in for flights, and review products without opening your mail.

· You can use the drive for sharing files. Although Gmail confines attachments to 25MB, this feature enables you to place a link to the drive file, which can be 10 GB in size.

· SMS appointment reminders are another glorious feature. Receiving these folds from the calendar can indeed help those who are away from desk during work hours. The primary step for setting this up is to enliven the feature and knit it with your mobile number within the calendar settings.

· Pasting without formatting is a fine derivative and is one of the best tips for people who use Google Docs for creating content. It enables users to paste a segment of text sans any of original formatting.

· Google tasks in another overlooked aspect of Google Apple, which features in Google calendar and Gmail. To access this, you need to hit the drop-down arrow on the left section of your screen’s top.

· Email filters are a stupendous source for those who shift from Microsoft outlook and seek a feature, which is akin to the ‘rules’ feature.

· Labeling emails is the last directive and is one of the surest ways to maintain your inbox effectively. Essentially, these are tags that help in categorizing some emails.

After creating labels, you can establish email filters for sending mails from definite contacts or with specific subjects to a label, which bypasses your inbox in totality.

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