10 iPhone Apps Rejected by Apple

The app market is developing at a very fast pace, thanks to the smartphone revolution that has given an impetus to this arena. There are lots of opportunities for app developers to be creative and put forth their creations on the app store. However, while there is the introduction of new apps constantly, there are also many apps that have been rejected by Apple, the primary company that came out with the app store, the iTunes. Here are the ten iPhone apps that were rejected by Apple:

  1. Obama Trampoline:


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The app gives the players the ability to put various politicians on the trampoline and use their bodies to pop balloons that float on the screen. The game developers argued that it was a cartoon game and therefore, there should not have been any problem. However, Apple did not find this funny and therefore rejected the app.

  1. I am Poor:


The app was rejected by Apple on grounds of not having any functionality for the user. The app just places images of tuna, mac-and-cheese, ramen noodles and other such images on the home screen.

  1. Slasher:


The app was rejected for being offensive in nature. The app shows an image of a kitchen knife and screams when the knife is shook. Therefore, Apple rejected the app from being available at its App store as it was considered offensive.

  1. MyShoe: the app has been made out of a real world experience where a journalist hurls a shoe at the President but misses. The app had been inspired by this incident and allowed players to hurl their shoes by using the accelerometer of the iPhone.
  2. Pull My Finger:


This was an app that was rejected by Apple due to limited utility to the user and an app that could offend overseas users. The app had an adolescent-aimed emulator that sent flatulent tones.

  1. The South Park App:


The reason for the rejection of this app was its potentially offensive content. This app gave the iPhone users the ability to access the episode clips of South Park, read the South Park news, grab their wall paper and gather other downloadable items that were related to South Park. The content that could be downloaded was also offensive and had some R-rated concepts and words.

  1. iBoobs: created by Mystic Game Development, this app was rejected because it allowed iPhone users to jiggle a part of the female body, here the boobs. The reviewer from Apple thought this to be highly offensive, obscene, defamatory and pornographic and on these grounds the app was rejected. However, another such app Wobble Bikini Babes found a place on the Apple’s app store.
  2. Murderdrome: this app was considered to be not friendly for kids and therefore, rejected for being too violent. Although, there is a comic based on these lines, the app could not make it to the App store.
  3. podcaster: the Podcaster app was rejected for simply being too similar to the iTunes. Developed by Alex Sokirynsky, the app was rejected as it allowed users to listen to podcasts while also enabling them to download them directly into their devices. The ability to download podcasts is something that is not allowed by Apple and probably that is the reason for allowing Podcaster app in the App store.
  4. Freedom Time:


The app Freedom Time enables iPhone users to tick down the time the outgoing of the administration. Apple’s view was that the app was defamatory in nature as it demeaned and defamed political figures. The app developer Alec Vance tried to convince Apple of the app not being defamatory but the company did not like to offend anyone.

Author Bio: The writer of this article is Jason Phillips. He is a regular blogger and freelance writer. He is chief editor at an online gaming site Sniper Games 365. He loves to play video games at his free time.

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