Wonderful Creative Designs to Inspire a Generation

If you look at the vast majority of acclaimed businesses or individuals, most have used successful marketing techniques which stem from using creative design in order to attract the masses. Creative techniques have been used for many years in order to draw potential customers to the advertisement, thus increasing the likelihood they will buy the products in question or use the service offered. These techniques can involve using catchy phrases which you will later associate with the company, or stunning designs which are either visually breath-taking, or have a clever hidden meaning which brings a smile to the customer’s face as they have been encouraged to look more closely.


This article will outline a few advertisements which have used creativity to serve their purpose, with the intention being to inspire any budding designers out there who need inspiration. There are various different forms of promotion, so it is important to choose the right one for you. These include flyers, business cards, banners, posters and many more, where releasing a combination of a few of these examples should improve your coverage. Usually if you want your flyer or other form of promotion printed off, you firstly need to submit your design to a specialist website. click here for an example of a site you can use to do this. Here are some creative examples of promotion:



Starting with the business card to the left above, this uses a clever pop up figurine to impress viewers. Anything that pops out in this fashion will be appealing to viewers, who will likely keep the card to show to their peers. Secondly there are two hands which meet in the middle to hold up a phone, with the hands painted to appear like elephants.

At first it may not be possible to see this, but on further inspection it elaborates the creativity of the design. Thirdly we have a very simple business card, which has used a unique shape to appeal to viewers, alongside a colourful back and simple white front to set off the perfect contrast. Finally, to the left we have an awareness campaign which particularly attracts the eye due to the man, golf club and green hair. This then prompts you to read the more serious underlying issue below.

Be sure to take inspiration from these wonderful ideas in order to create impressive designs!

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