Win an iPhone 4S with Best Mobile Contracts

Apple’s iPhone 4S has been flying off the pre-order shelf after its launch earlier this month and sold more in its first weekend than any previous smartphone. The smartphone is around 30% faster than the previous generation iPhone 4 with an improved camera, dual-core processor and new products the iCloud and virtual assistant Siri.

Even though Apple have sold plenty of iPhone contracts so far, they are not cheap. The iPhone 4S is currently the priciest phone on the market – even for the most basic model.

Mobile carriers, o2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Three have already announced the tariffs they will be offering for the iPhone 4S. Running from 12 to 24 months, the deals start from as little as £15.50 a month while paying up to £300 for the handset. This is certainly great news for people who want the latest iPhone as these phones typically cost more than £40 per month.

Exclusive deals are up for grabs for existing contract holders. The iPhone 4S is available in a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB with prices varying accordingly and some carriers offer the smartphone in black or white.


At Orange, the cheapest deal sees a 16GB iPhone 4S on a two year contract with no outlay for the handset and a monthly fee of £46 a month. For a cheaper monthly deal of £20, the handset is priced at £309 and the contract lasts for 24 months.  O2 has the cheapest monthly deal starts at £15.50 a month, with 100 minutes and the handsets costing a one-off fee of £299.99 for the 16GB, £399.99 for the 32GB and £519.99 for the 64GB. The most expensive monthly contract is £57 and sees no cost for the 16GB and 32GB handsets and a £29.99 cost for the 64GB handset.

At T-Mobile, a 16GB handset for no outlay cost involves a 24 month contract at £45.96 a month. The monthly fee halves to around £25.45 for a 24 month contract and the handset cost is £239.99.

Three only has the 16GB iPhone 4S available in selected stores, rather than online, as with both the 32GB and 64GB. For £129 cost for the handset, the 16GB smartphone is available for £30 on a 24 month contract with the plan including 300 minutes and 500 MB of data.

Lastly Vodafone and for the 16GB model, the cheapest plan at £26 a month means £239 upfront, which is £120 cheaper from its original price of £359. The 32GB model will see a drop in price of £80 to £359 while the 64GB model will be £70 cheaper at £449. All of this will be on a two year contract. Vodafone says it reduced their tariffs to ensure it stayed competitive while continuing to offer good value.

As you can see, most of these deals are still pretty expensive, and more expensive than many people who want the iPhone 4S are willing to pay. There is one other alternative though. If you are desperate to get your hands on the iPhone 4S you could always enter the prize give away at Best Mobile Contracts. Simply visit the iPhone 4S competition page and answer one simple question.

The winner will be selected completely at random from all entrants. On November 15th when the competition closes you could be the lucky individual receiving a brand new unlocked iPhone 4S to your doorstep.

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