Will The Alleged Bada – Tizen Merging Pave Way For New Breed of OS?

Samsung has been circumspect in announcing the merger of its Bada mobile operating system with Linux-based software platform Tizen. There is much speculation in the IT industry regarding this latest development. The size of the two giants of the market means that this saga is going to continue until an official decision is reached. A Samsung executive broke the news to the public, commenting that the two companies are seeking to find a way to make the deal work.

Only days after this announcement, Samsung went into denial mode, saying they had no such problems. This is why there has been so much interest in the upcoming merger. The broadband and IT industries are waiting with baited breath. While the merger is still being called ‘alleged’, there is curiosity regarding whether a new breed of operating system will be introduced.

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Samsung’s Stance on the Matter

There was substantial coverage given to the announcement that a merger between Bada and Tizen was being planned. From the moment the news was provided to the media, the speculation began. The industry experts, insiders and even the common public started voicing its opinions regarding the episode. It has been a while since the merger was announced but there has been no major development till now. It cannot be confirmed whether the merger will take place or fall through.

The announcement was made by an executive at Samsung. Linux has been quite about the whole episode and there has been no word, official or unofficial, from them regarding the proposed merger. It was reported that the research and development phase for the merger had kicked off at Samsung’s facility. But there has been no development to signal a conclusive decision.

A New Operating System, Possibly

There is still some time before it is confirmed whether the Bada – Tizen merger is taking place or not. However, the main issue in the whole situation is regarding the possibility of a new operating system being developed. Ever since the Bada was launched, Samsung has made clear that it wants it to be compatible with as many software platforms as possible.

Initially, Bada was targeted at the European market. As of now, there are no devices that use the operating system in the US. With the Tizen, Samsung was seeking to introduce the system into the US market. It has been reported time and time again that Samsung was looking to tie up with manufacturers to make the Bada more accessible.

The move is also being seen as Samsung’s opportunity to shift away from its dependency on Android. Currently, Samsung is the biggest seller of Android phones on the planet. Its stake in the smartphone market is strong, but not when compared to the giants. Similar is the case with Bada which is not as popular or well-known as the other operating systems available today.

The Bada-Tizen Tie-up

The Bada – Tizen tie-up is considered to be Samsung’s move to enhance the popularity of Bada. With the Linux based platform, Bada will expand into use in tablets, smartphones and other popular gadgets. Till now, Samsung had been relying on Google’s OS in its own phones. There is also the fact that Samsung has to pay royalties to Microsoft for the Androids. The devices that run on Bada are the only ones that Samsung doesn’t have to pay royalties for.

There is no doubt that Bada is not Samsung’s preferred OS, but the tie-up with Tizen would have established its stronghold. In the future, it could lead to Samsung staking a larger claim on the market for operating systems. If the merger takes place, it is likely that Samsung will be able to make an impact, albeit minor, on the smartphone market.


Samsung is looking to expand and popularize Bada by merging it with Tizen. It is a move that will prove to be beneficial for the company. However, there are no signs as yet of a new breed of operating systems. For those waiting in anticipation for a new OS, the expectations will come to nothing. For now, the IT and broadband industry is waiting with baited breath to see if the proposed merger takes place or not.

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