WiFi Bathroom Scales

The WiFi Bathroom Scales is a useful gadget for fitness enthusiasts.

WiFi Bathroom Scales1

Ultra sleek, this tempered-glass and aluminium gizmo automatically records your weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index) every time you step on it. But here’s the clever bit: it beams the info to your computer or iPhone over your WiFi connection, so you can track your results wherever you may roam via a password protected website or free iPhone app. You can even sync with Google Health and share your progress (or lack of) via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The WiFi Scale is also compatible with online coaching programs such as Daily Burn and iPhone apps like RunKeeper and WeightBot.

WiFi Bathroom Scales2  WiFi Bathroom Scales3

WiFi Bathroom Scales features and specs:

  • Instant weigh-in by getting on the scale
  • Automatically turns on and off Weight
  • Display units : kg, lb, stlb
  • Graduation 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs) – 4 sensors
  • Maximum 180 kg (396 lbs)
  • Body analysis
  • ITO Invisible electrodes
  • Fat mass
  • Lean mass
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Personalized multi-user monitoring
  • Automatic user recognition
  • Comparison to reference values dictated by doctors
  • Online connection
  • Private website secured by password
  • Monitoring weight fluctuations and fat mass graph
  • Comparison to reference values dictated by doctors
  • Ability to set objectives
  • Web browser supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Internet Explorer version 7 or newer, Firefox version 3 or newer)
  • Data sharing (Data can be set to private or shared with the other users of the scale)
  • Ability to make your graphs accessible on a webpage
  • Ability to automatically publish your weight on Twitter

Pricing and availability

The WiFi Bathroom Scales price tag is £119.99  and it is available at FireBox.com.

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