Why Nokia is Still a Force to Be Reckoned with in the Smartphone Market

Nokia has not been having an easy time of late, and that is mainly due to the fact that it has fallen so far behind its rivals in the high-end smartphone market. There once was a time, not too many years ago, when Nokia was the undisputed leader in the mobile phone market. However, it was too slow to adapt to the move to smartphones, and now it lags a long way behind firms such as Apple and Samsung.


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But is it all over for Nokia, or does it still have a fighting chance of making a comeback? Here are a few reasons why Nokia fans should remain positive.

Its Focus On Quality Hardware

One thing about Nokia that it has never suffered criticism for is its focus on very high-quality hardware. This was one of the things that made Nokia into such a popular company in the first place. Its phones have always been built to last, so much so that some of Nokia’s most basic phones would last users many years, even after numerous drops. If Nokia can carry on this reputation with its smartphones, as it is already proving to do, there is every chance that its devices will prove to be popular once again.

Its Reputation for Innovation

Not only does Nokia have a reputation for great hardware: it is also one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world. This was seen once again recently when it released the Nokia 920 device, which many commentators claimed was the most innovative smartphone on the market.

Nokia has always had a strong R&D division, and with features such as wireless charging in its latest Lumia phones it is once again showing that it can beat the rest of the crowd when it comes to producing something completely new. This is one reason why many people with old devices want to sell Nokia handsets that are past their sell-by dates in order to pick up these newer models with their innovative features.

Its Windows Phone Devices

Nokia has announced a strong partnership with Windows Phone, ignoring Android in the process. Whilst some have claimed that this is a mistake, it could actually be a very good thing for the company as it manages to distinguish itself in a crowded market.

Also, the devices that it has currently produced to run on Windows Phone are proving to be every bit as good as the other top-end smartphones on the market.

Its Ability to Produce High-Quality Affordable Products

Nokia also remains popular for its ability to produce devices at the lower end of the market that still have excellent build quality and all of the features that most people want from their smartphones. Nokia is targeting emerging markets with these handsets, but anyone who wants a cheaper phone with all the latest features can turn to Nokia rather than having to spend a small fortune with some of the other manufacturers.

Nokia: It’s Not the End of the Road Yet

Nokia may have fallen behind its competitors, but it has now turned a corner with its recent devices and is very much back on track. It may take a while to catch up with Samsung and the other big players, but with its focus on quality hardware, innovation and wallet-friendly phones, there is still a lot going for Nokia.

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Charlotte Brayden has written extensively on Nokia and other mobile manufacturers. She often provides tips on how to sell Nokia mobile phones and other handsets online.

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