Why choose an all-in-one PC

All-in-one PCs have been on the market for a while now, acting for many as a convenient solution when space for a traditional desktop and monitor setup just isn’t there. Far from being a mere desktop successor however, there are many strong arguments for choosing an all-in-one over a laptop too. Obviously the laptop has the advantage in the portability stakes, but there will no doubt be thousands of laptops out there that have never moved from the same desk. If you are in the market for a new computer, and portability isn’t paramount, an all-in-one may be the way to go. Below you will find some of the reasons why you should choose it.

all-in-one PC

Price versus performance

There is a common misconception that all-in-one PC’s are too expensive for what they do. The truth is that when compared side by side with a similarly specified laptop, the all-in-one often comes out cheaper. This is because in a laptop space is at a premium, so special components have to be used to ensure everything can fit into the chassis and they can absorb the shocks associated with a portable device. These are obviously much more costly to manufacturers than standard components, therefore the price to the consumer for devices using such components will be noticeably higher.

Screen size and quality

The major selling point of the all-in-one PC is ultimately its screen, and this should be the first specification you look at when comparing models. Compared to a laptop, they are much bigger, usually 17 inches minimum, and the extra screen size allows for more impressive pixel densities. Ideally, you should look at a screen size between 23 and 27 inches to get the most out of it, with a minimum of 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. Again coming back to price, compare a portable computer with that resolution compared to an all in one and you will see the latter is considerably cheaper.

Windows 8 compatibility

Although there are many new laptops coming out to make use of Windows 8’s touch friendly interface, to really put the new operating system through its paces, an all-in-one is the only option. Whereas touchscreen laptops are still incredibly pricey with mediocre processing power, for the same price or less you can get a high-powered all in one, with enough screen real estate to really take advantage of the touch features.

Family friendly

Finally, the big, tactile touchscreen and static nature make it a perfect family computer for the home. If you have a big old desktop computer that is taking up too much room and is lumbered with ten year’s worth of programs you can’t remember installing in the first place, an all-in-one is the perfect replacement. The touch interface will be come in handy for everything from spread sheets to children’s games and web browsing.

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