What Questions To Ask About the VoIP Service Provider

If you are not aware of the term ‘Voice over IP’, then VoIP may seem similar to you. VoIP is a technology with the help of which you have been making telephone calls over the internet. With broadband internet connections you can make cheap calls all US and Canada and there are special reduced rates for international calls too.

Due to the cheap cost that is associated with VoIP, many corporates are becoming its customers on regular basis. Before you take VoIP service, make sure you ask the certain questions to be on the safer side. You need to know about their services and also about the security measures by them so that you can be sure that your data are safe.

Start with the basic questions like

1. What would be the initial upfront cost?

Many times the service provider would let you know about the monthly charges without clearing about the different upfront costs. Like they may ask for the equipment cost to set up charges. Make sure what would be the cost of the equipment, and many times the provider provides the equipment free of cost during installing. In such case ask what time period you need to be in the contract. If by any case there are early cancellation will the provider charge any cancellation fees? Make clear whether you can change your plan without starting the contract again.

2. What VoIP features are included? Will any feature cost extra?

There are different features which makes VoIP the most sought after solution. And if you do not require them now, you may need them in near future. With VoIP you get the big communication system at a section of cost. Thus make sure what features would you get once you start up. These features can reduce the cost in the long run, hence make sure that if there is internet outage then can you automatic forwarding facility.

Then ask them

· Whether they would allow free calls within your business set up?

· How do they bill the inclusive minutes?

· Do they provide call management features included in the monthly price or charge extra

3. What are the rates of international calls?

A big way by which VoIP saves your cost is through savings on international calls. Hence make sure that you inquire them about the per minute international especially cost to the countries that you would be calling. Reason for opting VoIP is lower international call rates so make sure you know about them properly.

Next, when you are done with it, ask them questions related to call quality and security

4. What is the VoIP call quality of the service and what support can be expected?

This question is important as because you may be happy with low monthly cost but the quality of the calls are too low to make effective communication. Hence, enquire nad if possible check the call quality.

Also make sure about the support that they would be providing and if there are any specific hours when you can expect support from them. Most provide 24/7 support, however just be on the safer side by making it clear.

5. How do you manage the possible threats to the system?

You are using internet for you communication and there are numbers of ways by which hackers today are getting important data from the systems. So make sure you ask certain questions which would make you feel more secured about data security.

· How do they handle DNS Attack? Are they equipped with redundant servers and firewalls? Is there around-the-clock monitoring system?

· Do they have proper encryption tools to avoid hackers from listening to the calls?

· How would they handle if someone steals the router of the VoIP service?

Once you start using you yourself can understand the importance of asking these questions to your VoIP service provider. Hence, before you start, know the basics.

Michelle Patterson has been learning and writing about the new IP based communication technologies. She loves sharing information about VoIP. Read her post to keep yourself updated.

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