VoIP Features That Will Benefit Your Small Business

When it comes to running a business it’s important to look for ways you can reduce costs and improve your efficiency. Using VOIP is one of the services that can be of great benefit to businesses. If you’re not using it yet take a look at some of the major advantages and discover how they could improve the way you operate.


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Voicemail to Email Transcriptions

When checking voicemails you often have to scribble down the vital pieces of information such as key points of the message and any telephone numbers or email addresses. The transaction service will send you a text copy of the message direct to your email, making it much easier to create a hard copy of the details you need to return the call and offer an excellent service. It saves time and you’ll have the information saved in your inbox until you need to use it.

Call Routing

These days you aren’t tied to your desk. Mobile technology means it’s easier than ever to escape from behind the desk and work on the go. You can choose to head to the local coffee shop and still be available to your colleagues and clients. When you have VoIP the system can try and find you on a series of phone numbers before transferring the call to voicemail. You can have several numbers listed on the system such as your office, home and mobile phones.

Call Screening

Call screening is a useful feature to have and it can come in handy. If you find you are wasting a lot of time with useless interruptions from cold callers or unnecessary service providers you can choose to avoid the calls altogether. There are other benefits too, if you see the caller is a personal friend or family member you can quickly transfer the call to your mobile phone and keep the main business line free.

Conference Calling

Set up a conference floor monitor which will allow you to manage an efficient meeting with several attendees. VoIP has lots of great features for conference calls that ensure the call runs smoothly, such as muting individuals, managing invitations and managing hand raisers who wish to be heard during the conversation.

Additional Numbers

Unlike a land line it is possible to add lots of additional numbers onto your account. There’s no need for the technicians to come and fiddle around with wiring. It’s easy to sort out and arrange and you can add plenty of new phone numbers for your business, ideal for when your company grows.

Detailed Reports

It is essential that you track your data as a business. You can use the data to figure out where you are spending time and using up your energy. Using VoIP you can produce detailed reports that will provide you with your call history for the company, duration of the calls, costs, origin and the destination of the call. You can also study the bandwidth information so you can view specific data over set periods of time. Learn more by calling the BT customer service number and asking about their VoIP services.

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