USB Dongle for Worldwide Internet Radio, TV and Game Player 3 in 1

With the USB dongle you can enjoy Internet Radio, TV and Game Player. This new gadget offers users instant access to the hottest Internet radio, TV and games content.

USB Dongle

With a user friendly interface, it is easy to search your favorite music and programs classified by countries and genre. Through personal settings, the player is able to quickly access the individual’s favorite station list on any computer without any registration.

USB dongle features:

  • Worldwide radio and TV stations categorized into countries, genres and languages.
  • Provides over 20,000 radio stations, classified in 56 genres and 210 countries.
  • Includes 5000 web TV stations worldwide, sorted in 17 types of programs, 210 countries and 59 languages
  • User friendly interface, allows enjoying your favorite Radio station & TV program with a mouse click.
  • Collection of Favorites and History stations. Immediate access to "My Favorite"
  • stations on any PC without any registration
  • Web 2.0 Dynamic voting system; recommend best station all up to you.
  • Automatically updates program & new stations onsite
  • Supports 16 languages user interface
  • Record music in WMA format to your hard drive.
  • Stream quality indicator to monitor in real time Internet stream stability.

Pricing and availability

The USB Dongle for Internet Radio, TV and Game Player 3 in 1 price tag is $35.50 and you can find it at

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