TV Technology: What Are the New Developments Today?

The television sure has come a long way. In fact, today’s TVs are almost unrecognizable in comparison to their forebears, clunky tube televisions stuck inside massive wood-paneled cabinets. Nowadays you can buy a 50-inch plasma screen sleek enough that you can take it home in the back seat of your small car. While televisions have certainly shrunk, form factor is only one of the many ways that TV manufacturers have continued to innovate over the years. Here are a few more.

TV Technology What Are the New Developments Today

Smart TVs

Most of us have heard of smartphones, but what about smart TVs? A smart TV stands aside from its predecessors largely because it has its own Internet connection. This means it has access to some excellent movie and TV show content, courtesy of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. A Smart TV is a great solution because it doesn’t require any additional hardware, such as a set-top box, to access that streaming content.

Watch Anywhere

More and more TV providers are starting to think outside the box when it comes to serving content to their subscribers. Many customers now have the ability to access their favorite shows on demand, using a variety of different mobile devices.

Foreign Content

There was a time when the wait for quality foreign television here in the States was exceptionally long. Now, thanks to forward-thinking subscriptions plans, Americans can enjoy the best of what foreign networks like the BBC have to offer, at about the same time as our friends overseas.

3D Television at Home

With 3D blockbusters doing well at the box office, the way has been paved for 3D to enter our living rooms as never before. The best modern televisions now feature innovative 3D features to make your favorite movies come to life. Now the entire family can feel as though they’re a part of the action.


One of the most important TV innovations has been the ability to bundle some of the most popular subscription plans including high-definition television, Internet access, and international plans for your home phone. Bundling saves the average customer money on their monthly bill, and gives them access to some great content.

The bottom line is that there’s never been a better time to be a TV enthusiast. With new models and exciting features, TVs really are our window to the world.

By Brooke Chaplan

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