Traveling Made Easy – Five Apps To Take With You On Holiday

In years gone by, traveling meant carrying just about everything but the kitchen sink, in order to not be inconvenienced. Unfortunately, the act of having to keep up with travel guides, maps, phone books and of course all the usual travel goods made traveling more of a chore than an experience. Thankfully, our mobile devices now offer plenty of amenities and perks that we could only dream about just a few years ago. If you are planning an extravagant vacation or simply setting out on a freelancing voyage, then these five apps are must-haves for you as you jet and trek across the countryside.

XE Currency


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If you are planning on travelling abroad on your next holiday, the XE currency app will really come in handy. Simply input your current currency, and the currency you require, and the app will instantly let you know how much money you can expect to receive. It has been downloaded over 5 million times, and best of all it is free to download. The currency rates are live so you can be sure of an accurate transaction. This app is free to download on Android, Apple and Windows phones and is also available for iPad users.

Hotel Tonight

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Those who are traveling without a planned itinerary know how difficult it can be to find a last-minute hotel. Thanks to Hotel Tonight, you no longer have to worry. Designed for the fickle and procrastination-prone, this app features deals that can be grabbed for up to 70% off in dozens of cities around North America. Unlike other apps, Hotel Tonight reviews each specific hotel before allowing it to be featured, which allows only the best hotels to be featured.


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When you are on the road with no particular plans, it can be a bit tedious to constantly try to find nearby attractions using a map or 411. Thankfully, Tripmatic is an app that can automatically find nearby locales as you pass through various areas. Simply instruct the app where you will be heading and it can not only route you there, but also show all nearby attractions for you to consider as you are heading through the area. You can even route these plans prior to hitting the road and print them out for future use.

Fuel Monitor

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Have you ever wondered how much you are spending on petrol while you are driving, rather than waiting for the next fill-up to find out? Fuel Monitor gives you the ability to know: simply input your make and model, engine type, fuel price and let the app do the rest. Using GPS, the app can keep track in real time and make a very accurate estimation of how much fuel is being consumed. Whether you are driving down the street or across the country, Fuel Monitor can help you keep tabs on your fuel expenses.


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It can be terrible when we arrive at our destination, only to realise that we’ve forgotten our extra pair of underwear or our toiletry bag. With Triplist, you can avoid this scenario by creating full-fledged lists of items before you leave, allowing you to check-off each item as it is packed and ready to go. You can also save templates so that you do not have to re-create the same lists each time you travel.

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