Travel tech gadgets

You are traveling a lot? Then you will love this gadgets!

1. Airline Friendly Nail Clippers

Airline Friendly Nail Clippers

Airline friendly nail clippers! Simple and effective.  Patented rotating stainless steel head.  Ergonomic smooth cutting action.  Incorporates nail file and cuticle probe.

Size: H80mm x W20mm x D15mm

Price: £6.29.

2. Vioclean UV Toothbrush Sterilizer 

Vioclean UV Toothbrush Steriliser

The VioClean UV Toothbrush Sterilizer eliminates unwanted and harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside on your toothbrush. Using a patented UV and Ozone Sterilizing lamp, 99% of these germs are eradicated from your toothbrush in approximately 6 minutes.

The UV lamp provides a dual mechanism for sterilization. UV-C, also known as germicidal UV, is most effective at wavelengths of 250-260 nanometers. Sufficient doses within this wavelength range function to create chemical and biological reactions within micro-organisms, which disturb their ability to function and reproduce, thus killing them.

A Second wavelength frequency range of 180-200 nanometers generates Ozone (O3) which is a naturally occurring molecule which is the second most powerful sterilant in the world. At this wavelength range, natural Oxygen (02) is activated and links up with a free Oxygen atom (O) thus forming Ozone.

Ozone acts by rupturing the cell walls and attacking the nucleus of micro-organisms which kills them. UV-C and Ozone are a formidable force in sterilizing your Toothbrush!

Price: £10.49

3. Mosquito Defense – Electric With 20 Tablets

Mosquito Defense - Electric With 20 Tablets


  • Design Go – Mosqui Go Electric
  • Effectively knocks down mosquitoes with harmless vapour
  • Complete with 20 tablets

Price: £7.49

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