Top ten office gadgets

The modern office runs on a variety of gadgets, from the humble laptop to more arcane devices like portable sleeping cubes and USB paper shredders. Here’s a few things to inject a bit of fun into the working day:

Coffee machine

coffe machine
Few office workers brave Monday morning without a stout cup of Joe, and so investing in a decent coffee machine is vital to start the day strong.

Also known as the Swiss Army Office, this all-in-one device includes a calculator, stapler, scissors, calculator and measuring tape.

Staple-free stapler


If you’ve a chronic fear of tiny pieces of wire, this is the solution: it works by cutting a small flap through up to five sheets of paper and folding them in on themselves.

USB desktop aquarium

Leverage your fishes’ core competencies with this USB-powered combination pen holder, LCD calendar and aquarium.

Paper email

Email has revolutionised the way we communicate, but why stop there? A humorous memo notepad with To, From, CC and BCC fields puts you one step ahead for Web 3.0.

Desktop teeth whitening lamp

This lamp gives off a strong blue light that reacts with the whitening gel included to reduce discolouration – just the thing to give your smile a boost before that all-important presentation.

Rubber band Gatling gun

If you’re losing the rubber band war, bring out the BFG – a solid aluminium blaster that holds up to 100 rounds at a time. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses their job.

Keyboard jeans

The ultimate in office casual, these trousers put a fully-functioning keyboard on your lap at all times – there’s even a wireless mouse that fits into the back pocket.

USB vacuum cleaner

Biscuit crumbs, rogue staples and those little bits of paper made by hole punchers (they’re called chads) are a distant memory when you’ve got a hand-sized Hoover plugged into your desktop.

Pen utensils

Whether you’re eating at your desk or catching up on a bit of paperwork on a camping trip, double your productivity with these knife, fork and spoon-shaped Biro lids.

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