Top Five Travel Gadgets of All Time – So Far

Whether you travel every week or just once each year, having some handy gadgets with you can ease stress, fatigue and even expenses. Be prepared with some of these must-have gadgets and be a savvy traveler:

Noise Canceling Headphones

1: Walkin’ Bag: This rolling suitcase fits in airline compartments and under some seats, so its size is a definite bonus by reducing or eliminating your wait and hassle at the baggage claim area. If all the seats are taken in the waiting area or you need a break as you trek across many metropolitan airports to get from one gate to another or to an exit, you’re in luck: The Walkin’ Bag’s best feature is the fold-down chair that can safely support up to 300 pounds. And if you want to take advantage of wait times, the chair also doubles as a desktop to hold that laptop or your files—or your book—as you constructively fill those flight delay hours.

2: Noise Canceling Headphones: Need a bit of noise privacy to relax or occupy wait times without the snoring from the person next to you driving you nuts? Regardless of the brand or style, bring these with you and get the peace and quiet you deserve as you listen or watch your media of choice. Be careful of dozing off, though: You don’t want to miss a flight.

3: Astone’s Portable and Inflatable Washing Machine: Tired of your dirty clothes mixing with your clean clothes on a trip? Can’t find those “conveniently located” coin laundries? Refuse to pay those highway-robbery prices of hotel laundry services? Never worry about any of that again: This fantastic little gadget works just like a regular-sized washing machine. It’s just on a smaller scale. Fully compacted, this 4.5-pound gadget fits easily into your carry-on luggage. It holds just over a gallon of water and even has a delicate cycle. Wash a few clothes at a time, hang them to dry, and never bring a suitcase full of dirty clothes home again. Unpack without adding to recovery duties again!

4: Grid-It: Whether it’s your laptop case or your carry-on luggage that holds all your gizmos and whatnots of the technological variety, Grid-It keeps them all organized—and their chargers, too! The pad-like design comprises rubberized weaving that create loops and bands in which you can store your smart phone, MP3 or MP4 player, digital camera, memory sticks and a whole slew of cords. Keep them organized, untangled and available at a glance. Grid-It was designed with laptop cases in mind, but its easy connect-disconnect action allows you to store your electronic gadgets wherever its most convenient for you.

5: Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm: Get that good night’s sleep you couldn’t quite find in hotel rooms before. Far better than those hotel security devices that are based on motion sensors, this alarm won’t sound its 91-decibel alarm if you stumble into the bathroom at 2am or if your kids need the potty. The Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm sounds—loudly–only if the door is opened when it’s engaged—period. And if the alarm doesn’t wake you up, it will your neighbors—and make the intruder hie down the corridor so quickly that a shadow doesn’t have time to form! Rest well, traveler.

Post contributed by Holly Miller, a writer for Coupon Croc. When you’re shopping for gadgets online, use Argos discount vouchers and save on all of your purchases.

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