Top 10 Search Plugins To Improve Your Blog’s Search Feature

Having an effective search feature on your blog ensures that readers locate the content they want. It also ensures that both your old and new content gets reviewed by readers. Here are some great plugins that you can use to enhance your blog’s search feature.

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1. Relevanssi – A Better Search

Relevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with a faster search engine, plenty of configurable options and lots of features. It performs a partial-match search and sorts results by relevance, indexes comments and shortcode content.Search results are more relevant and better presented. You can also search for phrases with quotes, and use operatives such as OR and AND while searching for multiple terms. Using this plugin, you can create custom excerpts showing where the search hit was made.

2. Search Meter

Use the Search Meter plugin to track your readers’ searches on your blog. Search Meter’s tracking will let you know if people are finding what they’re looking for; that way you know when you have to bridge gaps in information. Using the Popular Searches and Recent Searches widgets, you can display a list of popular and recent searches for your reader’s reference. These search result lists are linked to actual results.

3. Multisite Global Search

This plugin allows your readers to search through blogs based on post title, post content or post author. This is a network-level plugin – it doesn’t work for a single WordPress installation. You need to activate it for a multiple WordPress installation through the “network activate” command in the Administration Panel. You can search any site on your blog network, even sites you do not own or control. You can customize the style sheet for results page and widget, and display the results vertically or horizontally.

4. Better Search

Better Search provides contextual search results sorted by relevance and not by date, as the default WordPress search does it. Better Search uses a much more powerful search engine, which allows your visitors to get their results quickly. Plus, you can fine-tune the results by prioritizing either the title or the content. Better Search displays a search heatmap of the most popular searches, which can be added to the sidebar or footer of your theme.

5. yolink Search for WordPress

This very powerful WordPress search plugin optimize your entire site search such that your visitor spends more time on your site. It also helps drive organic SEO traffic, owing to the relevance-based results brought to you by its powerful indexing technology. There are several other value-add features, such as keyword highlighting, sharing integrations, multisite search, and related articles.This is the best plugin if you’re looking to index more than 50 or so posts or pages.

6. Ajaxy Live Search

This is an axaxy live search for WordPress that uses a theme similar to that of FaceBook. This plugin uses Ajax and jQuery to get results from your blog’s PHP. You can customize the search themes based on y our blog’s design. Ajaxy Live Search plugin can search post tags, categories and post types. It also supports WP-ecommerce plugin as well.

7. WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

This plugin uses Sphinx Search Server power to bring you a richly featured and superfast search on WordPress-based websites. This is the ideal search plugin for very large WordPress sites. This plugin accepts flexible search syntax and can bring up relevant results from posts, pages and comments. It can also quickly sort results by relevance, freshness or both. It also has rather useful sidebar widgets to display top, popular and recent searches along with related search terms.

8. Search in Place

This plugin provides query results dynamically, in real time, even as the search criteria are being entered, just like Google does it. Real time searches save a lot of time. It also delivers group search results sorted by post type (post, page, attachment). You can limit search elements in the search results, view grouped and labeled results, and also view search items heighted within resulting pages. The plugin also offers a different navigation option on the website.

9. Custom Search Plugin

Use this plugin to extend your website’s search functionality by adding a custom post type to the search. You can also build a customized search form and add custom fields for multiple search parameters. You can configure multiple search input fields and their behavior, including dropdown menu options. You can also configure the exact database fields to which each input corresponds

10. Swiftype Search

The Swiftype Search plugin brings you a fully customizable dashboard, which provides insight into what your visitors are searching for. This helps you target specific keywords when customizing your search engine results. This plugin has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to reorder results. It can search through any kind of large database without slowing down your site.

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