TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL DVR

You might have heard somebody say they were going to Tivo a TV program, and you were asking yourself what it meant? Tivo is a high-definition dvr that permits playback of recorded TV shows through the use of an internal hard disk, any time you would like. Now you know that a TV show is being recorded, when your buddies say they have their Tivo running.

The TiVo Premiere XL DVR offers you whatever you want on one easy-to-use remote. Getting the best entertainment from the internet and the cable is not difficult now with a handy search feature. Replacing your existing cable box and plugging into the existing cable service is how it operates. The television will be a lot more entertaining when you spend less by returning your cable box. Search results are easily integrated from both the internet and TV in combination with having the ability to record seven times more HD programming more than a DVR. You’re able to use your notebook, mobile phone or iPad to create your schedule from anywhere. The cable box rental costs and cable box are not as useful these days.


Any Tivo client who also has an unlimited membership from Netflix can view thousands of TV episodes and movies. High-definition movies are really easy to watch and find if you have a high speed internet connected Tivo box. You can get films with Amazon Instant Video, and generally they become available the same day they are out on DVD. A couple of days right after the original broadcast, you’ll be able to get television shows. Hundreds of new releases in HD will keep you entertained whenever you wish. Right at your fingertips you’ll have the biggest video store in Brilliant TV. On your High definition TV you’ll be able to enjoy millions of videos from YouTube and from Pandora and Rhapsody it’s possible to get millions of audio files.

Any individual would be really content with the convenience and ease of use the Tivo offers. If you’d like to rewind and temporarily stop immediately, Tivo allows for that. If you have to do an errand or leave for some other reason, you can easily pause the tv show and return later. As soon as you realize how beneficial these features are, you will never return to standard TV. Once you get your Tivo unit, you are going to get a manual with detailed directions. A few of the features may be confusing in the beginning, but with time it’s going to be a cinch.

TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL DVR
TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL DVR

The TiVo Premiere XL DVR has gotten mixed feedback, with many giving it good reviews, but others not so good. Every person is different in regards to electronics and nothing is perfect. Give the Tivo a go to see if it’s right for you.

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